plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help

happy earth day, one and all!

we all need the sunshine

hello!  welcome to be forever lovely!   please remember, this is a place to leave more happy than when you arrived.  i am trying to figure out how we can all be forever lovely by taking the experiences of every day, every moment, every whisper, and treating it as if we will be remembered by those moments.  to leave the people, the places and the things we encounter, more lovely than when we first discovered them.   be forever lovely.

act 1:

the trees are there to remind us.

we all start small.

we all need nurturing.

the winds, the rain.

we will develop differently than our fellow leaves.

we will survive winters. 

we will endure.

winters when our leaves should not have grown,

our buds may not have sprouted. 

where we question who we are as trees,

what our roots mean,

where are the crisp green, yellow, pink, white –

where have all our cells hidden?

where are the buds, the fragrant, magnificent buds of buttercup buds?

we grow forth.  we flourish.

we will occasionally feel the sunshine in our bark,

we will ache and sway for the sunshine

 as the ice queen depletes our sap supply

until we no longer recognize ourselves.

we grow strong.  we encourage.

then, just as suddenly as we feel helpless, unruly, unused –

at last! we hear the sweet chirps of spring. 

of new. 

of yesterday-sunshine;

years ago it seems we felt its warmth. 

we have made it into another season of peace,


laughing in the wind to the joke that all others know. 

we are triumphant.

there is some rain,

however –                                       


more buds, then sunshine.

we cherish the rain.

the trees are there to remember.

they are there to remind.

they teach us that everyone,

no matter the roots, nor size, or species,

thick, cracking, peeling, fresh, dewy bark,

no matter the essence,

that we need sunshine.

we all need the sunshine.

we all flourish better in the unabashed, freespirited, sunshine.

we all want the sunshine. 

spread the sunshine to those around you, by being forever lovely. 

always, and forever, be forever lovely. ♥

and now a quote from a lovely poet to leave your day lovely. . .

♥ happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. we are happy when we are growing – William Butler Yeats ♥

Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

12 thoughts on “plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help

  1. Barbara, this is “lovely” and I will look foward to continued reading. It’s good nourishment – is Act I your work? Excellent, excellent, my dear.
    And this has just been looking for an outlet I presume. Take care and many lovelys to you!

  2. Babba Lu, Enjoyed visiting your blog. Just setting this up is a sign of growth, which I know brings you pleasure and happiness, and that makes me happy. Love, Uncle Tim

  3. What a lovely idea you have, to make each moment intoxicating! Thank you for including me. I look forward to more. Bravo!

  4. Barbara… I am very proud of you. I loved reading your beautiful thoughts and look forward to more. Your words are inspiring and heavenly food for the soul. Thank you for inviting me to enter this wonderful world…
    Love, Sharon

  5. Barbara Lynn,
    Delighted to see you pursuing a dream, using your gifts and blessing us with them. Love you, Aunt Lynda

  6. yayyyy! love this & LOVE what you wrote. SO true!!! i am so proud of you & beyond happy to see you pursuing your lovely talent & passion,,, and what makes you HAPPY. you are forever lovely my friend!

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