your beauty lies within what you are

your beauty lies within what you are. 

it cannot change, and will not waver.

you may not be able to touch it, but it is there.

what it is you seek shall be in you from the beginning.

and it shall be.

it shall be.

love yourself for what you have been given.

nurture those parts which need extra care,

embrace the cracks, the roots, the unknown crevices

until you cannot distinguish the cracked from the healed.

you cannot stop the beauty

from seeping through the slivers of your being.

let the sunshine through for others to soak up.

in, above, on –  your beauty will heal those who need it. 

seek it.  understand it.

the beauty is not what you seek, but acceptance.

know that we all are within

the same arm’s length of what is beautiful. 

WE are beautiful. 

YOU are beautiful. 

freckles, wrinkles, lumps and bumps.

no two beauties are alike.


it is so we are always learning to accept and love one another as is –

no contracts, no editing, primping, plucking, sweating involved.

we seek outside approval to tell us that we are good. 

that we are strong.  that we have that something special.



no matter the bank.

no matter the enemy quip.

we are people, we are beauty.

let us celebrate our beauty together, instead of apart.

kinds words grow wings

that free us from

the desperate cliffs of




spread a kind word, watch it grow into others. 

if you must reach for an excuse to cut someone else down to make yourself feel better: 

you will find that the fall is much further,

the hurt much worse, for it has affected not just the other,

but you.

i am not perfect. 

nor are you.

but –

but –

the good CAN triumph.  it WILL. 

the beauty cannot help but show its colors, its kindness.

is it not easier, more fulfilling to treat someone,

some living thing with the respect, kindness and love they deserve and need?

it is.

and so it shall be.

you are the beauty.

so is your neighbor.

seek out the beauty. 

 if it is difficult, look.  really look. 

at your co-worker’s smile. 

at the wrinkled hands of your grandmother. 

at the dandelion weeds that shout summertime beauty.

remember the positive. 

you WILL feel better, more beautiful. 

surround your thoughts of beauty, love, respect. 

acceptance is beauty personified.

be kind my friends. 

beauty can be found in the most peculiar places,

we must seek it out, and always remember. . . . . . .

be forever lovely.

Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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