before time runs out

none of us have enough of it.
we yearn for it when it is scarce.
we weep for its absence in the loss of life.
we ask for more, need more, sometimes curse its very existence.
it sends us into stressful squalls and prevents us from being somewhere we want to be.
it makes us unsure of now and then.
if and when.
we wonder whether this once, this. . . .time. . . . will ever cease to amaze us with its wisdom.
time has taught.
its softer side, with love and laughter, sunshine and breezy conversations.
we have felt hurt, unnourished and overturned by its scars –
reality of said things wished unsaid.
actions unrelenting in their momentum.
we have witnessed birth, death, peace, war, and indifference.
we remain unsure of how to wrangle this “time”.
we regret to inform you that yours is up or not worthy of ours.
we insist that it goes quickly in joy, minutely in fear, and endlessly in love.
we are unsure of it ramifications until it is – out.

we know not what the time beyond this here and now is or will be.
we reap the benefits of its passing, buckling down its lessons with certainty and respect.  we relish in the absurdity of its sweeping, gathering, and unbelievable reality that it is a mystical, untouchable vaporous dimension.
we study its process, we know its place, its honored traditions.
yet – we still underestimate it.
we don’t stop to yield its beauty and –
the truth of time is this – it cannot or will not stop for anyone.
there is no price tag for it.
you can not gather its fringes and sew more of it together.
and – we waste it.
we all waste this vaporous dimension that is so fleeting.
this unearthly, untextured, ungraspable invisible thing.

what to do about this? what must we learn, lose and squander before we know how to do this “time” right? to fully comprehend the fallacy that we get to live forever?  we must do what is right. ALWAYS. even if it bruises our egos, our precious wallets, our understanding of what WE want.

we must kiss more, hug longer, smile abundantly.

we must not have regrets.

if there are words said wished unsaid, heal those wounds.  if there are actions wished un-acted, revise. 

make the choice to consciously fix the mistake, or hurt.
if there are dreams in your distance, in your path of “one day i will”,
grab a conversation with yourself or someone else,

and make that dream happen.

once you consciously choose to FULLY act,

love and LIVE in time, it will become spectacular.

lift that person up. love that person regardless. tell that someone that they are more meaningful to you than any thing, or possession. learn to envelope your time with what is going to make you HAPPY.

forgive, forget, apologize, be humbled.

laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh – till the belly of your soul is sore with joy.

yes – goof off and watch silly shows,

run through a sprinkler instead of doing chores!

remember, in the end – we get this one life, this one time to really LIVE. how is it that you are living your time? is it lovely? treat those as you would like to be treated, for we only get so much time, so embrace time as you embrace your loved ones: fully, never letting go first.

be forever lovely my friends, now and ALWAYS


quote from a lovely man:

“You cannot do a kindness too soon,

for you never know how soon it will be too late.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


5 thoughts on “before time runs out

  1. Barb, you truly have a gift with words and I am so very proud that you are sharing this gift with others! Love, Madre

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