choices.over.voices.(rise above)

choices over voices:

of others

of doubts

of uncontrollable elements

of disbelief.

make this the day that you choose to be lovely, over the voice of simply following what everyone else is doing. 

i hope you take crooked paths and unplowed trails.

i hope you discover within yourself what is uncomfortable and go forth with it.  push yourself to be BETTER.  stretch.  like the morning of your renewal, after a long nap of complacency.

be bold young.

be bold withered.

be bold – for it is our destiny to feel adrenaline.

be like bear grylls and jump.

it is about choices…which way to turn when the map runs out of answers.  when the water is scarce, and the pain sets in, the tired takes over.  which way to navigate the stresses of the day-to-day-today.  which path is lovely, good, right – not just what makes sense for you.  think of others.

how will this path be made?  by easy choices?  not always.  by choices that please everyone, or make everyone happy or make you popular?  (valley girl voice): like, SO not totally!

these choices are small, and infinite at once.

they are whether to send that scathing email.  to remember a birthday, and go above and beyond to tell another how you are so happy they were born.  how to be kind to yourself, and stop the self-hatred.   how to know in your heart that the meaningless work is more than that.  it is work, yes.  but somehow, it builds to something bigger.  it does make a difference how you do your job.  it may not be windex-clear, but somehow, you make a difference by being where you are, and doing what you do.  doing better, makes a better difference.  BUT – only if it does not harm people.  only if it promotes peace.  only if it brings loveliness.

are you clear on your path?  are you making the choices that are walking-trekking-sending you higher and higher to that place of peace/happiness/love?  (you may say: yes you hippie, i am!)  or are you letting the tired, the stress, the vines entwine you in defeat?  at the end of the day, do you fall asleep exhausted by a hard fought day, where you struggled, where you fell, where you were easily angered?  or are you able to rest comfortably, exhausted in peace, knowing that you have no regrets how you treated others, animals, plants, the earth, most importantly – yourself?


what is it about your day, one tiny choice that you can make that you will own up to that will make a difference in your path?

for me, it is time.  i need better management of my time.  i lose it dreaming/thinking/drifting, when it should be responsibly calculated.  by being late, i am showing others that i don’t value their time.  this is not true, and i must realize that.  so i work at it.  there is a struggle –  BUT, i work on it.  and i still muck it up…but, i don’t give up.  ever.  i will never give up this effort.

what is your choice?  what is your vine?  i would love to help.  there is a solution that may surface, that may help you.  if i can help, i want to.  leave a comment, and let me know.  i want to better this world, we can better this world.  and those voices?  they are fading to the sea. . . . . . . being replaced by better choices.  and pretty soon the only sound we will hear is that of: 

waves of lovely crashing unto here.

choices over voices:

be forever lovely,


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.” Judy Garland  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

(pictures taken by Ryan S. Lund)



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