maybe it doesn’t…

maybe it doesn’t need to be grand.

maybe it doesn’t need flowers and sugary chocolate (that, let’s face it, is not much chocolate at all, but tastes darn go-oops, stay on point. sorry, su-su-sugar high).

maybe it doesn’t need a plane-writing sky-scraping gi-nourmous-ness to it.

maybe it doesn’t need a tiny little box and an expensive, shiny rock inside.

maybe it doesn’t need candles and mood lighting,

and sparkly, buzz-inducing juice.

maybe it doesn’t need lingerie

(kids, no, in fact, everyone, cover your eyes for that one).

maybe it doesn’t need ‘hello, i love you’,

fancified words that are expensive, and mushy.

maybe it doesn’t need the anti-ers.
the black one.
the day of all emotional ice cream pint after ice cream gallon days.

maybe it doesn’t need emotionally raw poems,

and romance novels

and comedies starring reese witherspoon

(no offense reese, LOVED you in Sweet Home Alabama).

maybe what the over-hyped,

over-zealousness of big-time-cuteness and lace with feathers,

red with rhinestones, and pink with envy needs is this:

an outlet.

think about it.

what other time of year are you forced to recognize this?

(except today by me?)

here is your outlet:

your life.

maybe it IS – a hug, a smile, a nudge.

maybe it IS – a gesture, a memory, a meal.

maybe it IS – seeing it differently, looking for more.

here is my message, my post

(which does not include any of above-said items):


and then, WHENever you feel like it, you can SHOUT … i made a DIFFERENCE in the world on my terms, my BEING LOVELY changed something for the better, and i couldn’t be more


there, and you thought i was talking about a specific day, huh?

it’s all in how you look at it.

be forever lovely.

“love people blindly.” – Barbara Lynn Francek


One thought on “maybe it doesn’t…

  1. Barbie, I love it! Seriously, I was just laughing about it with my wife last night…February 14th has no significance in my life or in my relationship with my wife, so why am I forced to “celebrate” it? And the peer pressure, OMG!! “Wait, you didn’t buy flowers for your wife (on a day when everyone gets them), to make her feel special?” Why should she feel special if this is some sort of social obligation? I would rather appreciate her on my terms…every day. With cute kisses every morning, and making her breakfast on the weekends…that’s my labor of love and it wasn’t written by Hallmark, or sweetened by Saunders, or delivered by FTD…it was 100% original and created by me, for her! That’s how you make those who you love feel special. And I agree Babsie, it should happen every day of your life!! Great post, and dare I say I hope that you had a nice V-day?? HA!! Love you buddy…it’s been too long since we’ve talked!

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