one earthly year


you don’t need to throw something away for it to be lost forever.
take leggings. they came back, right? and i thought they only existed in Madonna’s closet or the local goodwill.  what about trash? does it truly ever go away? does it make it to the place where we never see/smell/touch it again?  what about those clothes that you toss out when they have a teeny hole, and can’t be worn in public anymore. tosstown? uh, no!  why not try to make a rag out of it? new duster? (i am firm believer in dusting, although that doesn’t mean i ACTUALLY dust).
what about making a reusable grocery bag out of your favorite frat shirt.  send me your scraps, and i’ll make a fun scarf out of your lovely patterns and out-dated garbs. what about your books?  donate them to your local library so someone else can enjoy.

and, most importantly, what about our paper and plastic waste? the glossy ads we get in the mail? garbagecantown? uh, try again. RECYCLE those amazing Tweety Bird check order forms, they do not need to take up residence in the landfill, nor in your junk drawer.

now, i am not trying to be a self-righteous person here.  i am just thinking though…if we all decided that we were going to reuse that plastic silverware that came with the taco bell “meat”y gordita meal, we are saving it from going to dumpsville.  and nobody likes dumpsville, except internet dating sites.

so, i was hoping, since this is my one year anniversary post of my little blog that is about being lovely, that we should make a better effort – to laugh and be light, and to WASTE LESS.  i am not lovely always, or forever, or even for a month or week straight.  but, then i decide that having a dance party in the family room to Beethoven IS more important than having no fun at all (read: doing dishes, and yes, eventually they get wershed), and maybe looking like a “weirdo” at work for washing and reusing my plastic utensils a few times is awesome.

i start to remember that even though there is terrible, tragic, unthinkable sadness always happening around me, i do not need to have it be ALL that i think about.  i dream of one day owning a horse (name undetermined); a black and white cow, named Patches; a bison named Faux; and three (unnamed as of yet) dogs; perhaps a rabbit and definitely some chickens, but mostly, i dream of  .  .  .  land. 

but, i won’t really OWN the land you see.  i own my dreams, but my future is not guaranteed, unless i choose to make a BETTER NOW.

the land we see, the land we love, the land from here to there….(insert patriotic flag waving here), it is NOT OURS to OWN.  we live here.  we work the land, but, my friends, we don’t get to invest it in the local credit union and earn interest.  but, we get to see things like this:


and being able to see things like this are a PRIVILEGE.  we won’t have this privilege forever, we won’t be seeing these colors for eternity if we throw out “useless” stuff.  we are consumers, i get that.  what i am proposing is we consume what is freely ours to see.  to touch.  to walk around and love.  are you excited about farmer’s markets?  about supporting your local town and reducing the carbons?  about helping everyone, including our beautiful planet?  walk somewhere, ride a bike, skateboard (but wear a helmet y’all), make a piece of art out of something you would’ve tossed.

when was the last time you went for a bike ride?  you felt the wind in your hair and knew that there could be no better feeling than flying along the path to wheeeeeee?

i got a beachcruiser style bike for my birthday, her name is stella, and i couldn’t be more excited to take her EVERYWHERE.  i am planning on decking her out with a mailbox, a basket, a mirror, and bell.

there is a super cool website that i’m going to try in my new town, called freecycle, found at  try it with me, eh? 

waste less, want less, more LOVE to give and more BEAUTY to see

… so, please today, and every day ~ be forever lovely and let’s go! 

a powerful quote about our earth, and it’s care-taking: 

♥ “when the last tree has been cut down, when the last river been poisoned,  when the last fish been caught, and all the air is unsafe to breathe,  only then will we realize we cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Indian Proverb ♥

pictures taken by barbara l. francek and ryan s. lund

Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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