s’more laughter please

(a real scene between my sweet stepdaughter and her friend, and their first sleepover at our house)

l:  don’t roast it so close to the flame. you will burn it!
a:  but i want it gooey like yours! (sticks giant marshmallow closer to flame).
l: (examining a‘s form closely) watch it!…here, let me show you…
a: okay. (sighing) why does this take so long?!? i want to eat my s’more right now! i love s’mores!
r: patience is a virtue child (smiling).
a: what is a virtue?
b: virtues are good things to have;  like patience…kindness…helpfullness, stuff like that.
a: well, i guess i’m not very virtuous then, because i want to eat my s’more!

laughter.  sometimes it is just about laughter and the little (sweet) things that children/people say.  enjoy your weekend with whomever makes your belly ache with laughter!




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