my response to her, although i am a stranger

i read the following blog post, by a writer out of new york.  she is lovely, she is talented.  it is how i feel and then some.  sometimes (especially this time of year), i don’t know how to express this to others:

the wily brunette

and then, this is what i wrote to her:

“to be a writer, a poet, a person of art, and to feel that ache for happiness is what bonds us to our art, but for the good.  however, i have felt exact-to-the-word likeness of what you have described here.  it is always something for someone else to exclaim “i am happy”, and for one to feel jealous of that.  but, i feel like someone who needs to be encouraged (albeit by themselves) to be happy, ends up appreciating it even more, since they had to remind themselves that it takes courage. 

well written, again.  :)”

and that today and almost every day of the fall season and then some, is my truth.

speak yours.  be forever truthful.



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  1. steph

     /  October 1, 2011

    fantastic. the courage to be happy…. xo


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