random thought thursday: what about vitamin f?

werd to your vitamins

1.  why is there no vitamin F or G, or H or I or J for that matter? or is there?  scientists, medical staff and vitamin store employees, please weigh in.

2.  and why does vitamin b get it’s own subcatergories?  b6, b12, probably more than ‘b’eets the eye.  huh?

2.5  here is my official shout out to all the groundhogs out there.  HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!  WHAT WHAT!!?!!  🙂 if you are lost, please note, there is a slight obsession i hold with the waddly little critters, and no, i don’t own a cattle herd, and, yes, i do know what kind of damage they do.  but seriously, they rock.  check out my first shout out to them  i ♥ groundhogs.

3.  a friend recently told me that vitamin d is fat soluble.  i misunderstood her, and heard it as “if you ingest too much vitamin d, you will be fat.”  and i’m not having any of that.  trying to lose weight here people.  so i didn’t take my extra vitamin d.  and now they are lost somewhere in our couch.  true story. * found them, along with a rebel skittle or two.

4.  i can’t believe i had so much to say about vitamins.

5.  the i love lucy episode with vita-meata-vegamin is a classic.  look it up, it will make your day.

6.  my mom loves i love lucy, and she and my aunt lulu refer to themselves as lucy and ethel.  not sure who is who in that one.

7.  seven is one of my favorite numbers.  so are 22, 77 and 3.  but if you really know me, you know my favorite number is 18.

18.   also, happy birthday to kate c. (my brother-in-law’s sister), hope it’s magical!

ps.  there is no medical backing nor investigative reporting done on the above mentioned subjects.  just my thoughts people.  and they are RANDOM.

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be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

6 thoughts on “random thought thursday: what about vitamin f?

  1. Love this too! Totally miss the word ‘random.’ must.use.it.more. And maybe I’ll throw in a Randy here and there too to spice it up.

  2. Two things 🙂
    1. Chad and all other beer loving PacNW’ers would say there is Vitamin R…. For Rainier. As in Raaaay-neeeer-beeeeer. Another one for you to look up, an old beer commersh 😉
    2. Vitamin D *is* a fat soluable vitamin. This does not mean it will make you fat. Just be sure to take it with food 😉 and do take it! (D3) Almost everyone is deficient in D!

    1. i know, once i realized that vitamin d is something that will not make me fat in excess, i found my bottle in the couch, and have been trying to remember to take them. 🙂

      i will look up the rainier commersh. thanks for the comment friend! love them!

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