diy life

1. be born.

2. make it through middle/high/elementary life while being awkward.

3. discover your path does not align with “well, on paper it’s perfect”.

4. realize that this is exactly where & when you’re supposed to be((hear))

5. fall down, fail, get tragically uninspired by comparison to your-friends-peers-others.

6. realize that you hate this path, pray, choose another.

7. understand that what you thought you would be at age 3/11/18/21 will always change based upon changes around you.

8. realize that life happens.  your problems are more or less the same as others, except there are worse, & there are more/less.

9. surround yourself with love, laughter, & the occasional drink. repeat.

10. hold babies & loved ones as if it’s the last. especially repeat.

11. realize that even though your parents may not understand or appreciate your path, all they really want is for you to be happy, because, they are wonderful people. & they love you to the moon. same with your siblings.

12. fall in love.

13. fall out of love >> cry at rdiculous movies that are not real life. << repeat

14. buy new “you” clothes.  << repeat

15. eat ice cream. repeat, especially in place of dinner(sometimes).

16. work hard, & do not understand why. then understand that life is not recess all the time.

17. be irresponsible. learn. repeat.

18. make others proud.

19. make yourself proud. repeat.

20. dance. in the rain, in sweaty ridiculous clothes, at weddings, on the street, in your unders.

21. find love, real love. accept it, cherish it, show it to others.

22. make mistakes. forgive yourself.

23. learn.  (bike riding, monopoly & experiencing softball through a girls’ eyes help).

24. understand love/be kind to animals.

25. meet expectations while demolishing expectations.

26. create. make messes, repeatbeat yourself up, learn, heal, create. repeat.

27. FAIL.  fail again, and again, and again.

28. learn.

29. read. lots, read lots & lots. the classics, the mags, whatever makes you wonder. don’t forget #5 & then #26.

30. discover that friendships will sway, & bend, & melt, & become stronger through lapses of time, & space & the elusive cheap airplane ticket.

31. take pictures, write vague and meaningful statuses, upload, download, load & reload music. don’t take yourself too seriously.

32. listen. to everyone & everything. toss salt.

33. try to understand that this life is yours, & yours alone, & as long as you are always striving to be happy, spread love(not hurt), & keep the right view of grace in tact, you will be okay.

you will be okay. you will be okay.

Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

2 thoughts on “diy life

  1. Hi!!
    I finally figured out where your comment part was!?
    I am such a dork I have been reading but each time I had tried to leave a comment I missed where it was! Thanks for the happy post!

    1. thanks so much aubrey. it means a lot to have someone in the bloggy world say hi. there is a really sweet blogger named briana that blogs over at sweet caroline grace that sometimes says hi too. 🙂 i am trying to learn/figure out the wordpress format by myself in my spare time (yeah right), so it is a work in progress over here. Always. 🙂 Can’t wait to get my Aubrey plays stuff!

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