3 things

yesterday, i dressed like a slice of watermelon, complete with seeds, see?

seed no evil, eat no evil 🙂 (especially watermelon)

this is a post about being on an deserted island.  like if i were Tom Hanks ala Castaway:
i can only eat three things (and they provide me with all nutritional nutrients that i need and want…remember, this is a dream).

1. my Grandma Rosemary Francek’s homemade bread. there is nothing that i have ever tasted that is like this. i could eat this bread all day, for every meal, every single snack. i will learn this year (hi, Mom) how to make it. and i will continue on my Grandma’s legacy of love & homemade food.

2. kettle chips. preferably homemade. any kind. the crunchier, the better.

3.  crab cakes, with that fancy sauce.


also, these are the three things that i would ban:

1.  any kind of melon: watermelon, honeydews, that orange kind, etc.

2.  cucumbers.

3. any kind of creamy, whipped cream type dessert or donut filled creamy puff things.


so, this isn’t a thursday, it is quite random, but maybe a new series of 3 things must, & 3 bans?  we’ll seee. see how i put 3 e’s in that seee?  🙂

what about you?  what are your three foods good, & banned?  you are the queen or king of your island too, so you have rule over all.

happy salivating friends.




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