random thought thursday:: veronica edition

today is thursday, and is another day for me to pay tribute to something i love, or more appropriately described, another way for me to ramble.

the letter v.

in my humble opinion, the letter should be used more often.  i don’t often encounter having to use it, as often as i’d like.  oh you vermont-ers, you lucky ducks, you are so (v) blessed!

some really great ‘v’ words:

vernacular is a spectacular word. vvvvvernacular. it just sounds cool.

velocipede…this is actually an old fashioned bicycle. i may have to change my bike’s name to veronica the velocipede.

vagabond . . . is well, another word to describe me.  but i do shower.  🙂

wanderlusting vagabond

for some reason the next word that is coming to mind is a velociraptor…who was perhaps a dino riding a bike.  (giggle giggle)

that’s all the v i can muster now, i don’t want to get all verklempt on you ala Mike Meyers in Saturday Night Live’s Coffee Talk.

talk amoungst yourselves…

wanderlusting vagabond seeks svnshine

happy thvrsday!

** also, if you prefer to read your blogs or sites via the Google Reader option, I have added a button up top (left-hand side) to help you follow along here!  Thanks again for reading.  Your support is what keeps me writing. **

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be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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