random thought thursday:: why linner edition

Steak Sandwich picture courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

1.  we have brunch.  it’s great, and when my older sister worked at casa lupita (may it rest in delicious best-Mexican-food-ever peace), we rocked out a few family brunches.

2.  we have a “late” lunch.  huh?

3.  we have an “early” dinner.  wah?

4.  why do we not have a linner


5.  why, you ask?  because we can’t just treat brunch like it’s the queen bee of meals, and treat linner like the leftover forgotten about the now cold appetizer from last night’s party that you were supposed to wrap up, or clean up (yuck).

6. i like to eat, and i’d like to invent a time-table meal.  as in, too late for lunch? just in time for linner.  no time for table settings and fancy desserts?  linner is your winner winner, chicken dinn-whoops!  see, already mistreating the poor old gal.

7.  because for the umpteenth recipe that you’ve printed/”pinned”/pined over on your sister-in-law’s neighbor’s blog, you just want something NOW.

8.  linner can solve the problem of what’s for this time that is slightly before dinner or a smidge after, or in my case, my-love-works-a-completely-different-time-than-i-and-i-don’t-wanna-eat-alone time?  in the case of linner, i can rock out a linner appropriate outfit, and invite some pals, ala Sex and the City with a simple “linner y’all?”  group text.

9.  btw, I am the Carrie (just cuz of the fabulous frizzy hair).  Smile  without all the HBO-rated stuff, and because occasionally i wear ridiculously colorful outfits.

10.  because right now, my stomach is grumbling, and linner is sounding faboosh!

11.  because it just sounds cool.  and at linner, you can drink a mojito or gingerbeam, and no one will judge you, since it’s after noon, and before dinner.  (in case you’re into that kinda thing).

linner for peace, linner with friends, linner forever!

ps.  when i asked rl what should i use as a photo for linner, he said without hesitation:  steak sandwich.  may it be noted that i’ve never made him a steak sandwich and now feel obligated to live up to Pioneer Woman’s unrealistic goals for my honey’s appetite.  oh  boy, here we go!

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2 thoughts on “random thought thursday:: why linner edition

  1. This is so funny! It’s reminds me of “Lenny’s, not Denny’s!” or “Denny’s, not Lenny’s!”, from back in the day – which would be a perfect place for linner!

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