frizzy hippie gets fit – volume one


i am frizzy hippie.  this is what i really look like.  no photoshop, no editing wonders, no instagram lovelieness:

i am very overweight.  i am unhealthy.  i don’t move enough.  and i want to change.

i ate fruit and a granola bar for breakfast.  that’s a start, right?
i want to be a runner.  i WILL be a runner.  i already told my fam that i will be.

i hate lying, so i better start, right?
i want to be fit.
i want to look faboosh in my swimsuit that will be new, in a smaller size next summer.
i don’t want to make excuses.  i DON’T want to make excuses.

i want to play soccer again.
i can do this.
wanna watch me get fit?
follow this blog.
send me encouragement.
email me HEALTHY recipes.
convince rl that i will clean the blender every time.
i want to paddle board, and mountain climb, and ski if that’s what i feel like.

i will work my whole life to keep up this attitude.  it’s a good one to have.

take at least an hour a day for myself, and everyone will benefit, especially me.

i will work HARD –
one day at a time.
one meal at a time.
one minute at a time.
i want to live the life i was intended to.
fit and happy.
frizzy hippie gets fit.
join me won’t you?

my myfitnesspal username is beforeverlovely.  i know, shocking, right?  🙂 


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

7 thoughts on “frizzy hippie gets fit – volume one

  1. I applaud you! The first step is deciding to make that change.

    Here’s a little inspiration to get you going today:

    No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch

  2. You are in good company, as I am on a personal get-healthy-and-fit-and-look-faboosh (love that word!), too! We can do this! One small step at a time. 🙂

  3. DUDE! I love this post. getting healthy does so much for your soul- for reals. I feel completely different about my life and future when i’m working out and eating right. Sounds sort of new-agey and annoying but this is coming from a girl who used to have starbursts and cigarettes for LUNCH. No joke. And I will encourage you however I can. I have all kinds of recipes (easy because I’m not Julia Child) on my blog. My advice- lean and green. Less ingredients is more. Fruits and veggies- skip the special ‘diet’ foods. Less processed the better (on your body/digestion too!). You don’t need an hour of workout everyday ( i like it but doesn’t always happen)- even a walk around the block is better than nothing. AND- no matter how much you work out- never makes up for a sweet everyday (i’m still learning this one- trying to make it a couple times a week versus daily…). As for running- just do it. it hurts a lot at first and you feel like people are staring at you when you shuffle down the street but eventually you find a rhythm and feel like a super fast Kenyan (even if you don’t look like one- I have a shuffle/butt-wiggle/arm twist that is anything but graceful but it works). And of course- email me whenever. 🙂 I’d love to see an update on how this is going so far!

    1. aww, thanks Nicole! I have had a tough month both physically and mentally due to the weather changes, but I have been slowly incorporating eating whole, real foods back into my diet. i can’t say that i have run a lot yet…in fact, i have walked much more than run. but the desire in me to be healthy is THERE. so. i must get healthy. 🙂

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