what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)

in case you need to be filled in, please see this to know where i’m going for the next four days.

okay, you back? good.

i’m packing these,

i’ve wanted another pair for years! yipeeeeee!

which were cheaper than normal because they are kids’ size – BONUS! 🙂

i’m packing my big girl pants, (& no, that was not a rip on myself, i’m SUPER nervous, so bgp’s are necessary)

i’m packing my altoids (you know, just in case i need to speak to people closely, close talkers run in our family)

i’m packing the faith that the good Lord will have my anxiety & stress at bay to meet fabulous women, & learn TONS about this here blogging passion of mine.

(and, i know i don’t need to really pack my faith, it is ALWAYS in my heart)  🙂

i’m perhaps packing extra socks & such (just like my madre taught me…you just never know)

i’m packing music (in particular, my new Mumford & Sons CD – that’s right, i’m OLDDDDD school).

i’ll have accessories, of course, which i always wear “too many” of – whatever that means.

perhaps some pens, paper & a definitely, a super grateful heart.

this opportunity could have come without rl & my parent’s help.  i know WHO they got the help from (it’s who we get everything from), but it was them who insisted i go.

well, rl insisted.  he is a blessing like no other.

SO…am i ready?  you betcha.  am i scared?  you BETCHA.  am i worthy?  i think so.  am i incredibly lucky to have this type of opportunity to spread the love, hear the stories, & share the hugs of women from all across the globe that love blogging, love people, and most importantly love God?


see you on the other side!  YAHOOOSKIIIIISSSSS!



Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

9 thoughts on “what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)

  1. Cool! The kids size 5 or the youth size 5 is the same as a women’s 7 to 7.5. Thats because youth/kids sizes continue on up to men’s sizes. Its one of those crazy things you learn when you have to be seen by a podiatrist….

  2. Hey there sweet girl! i am so glad that i had the opportunity to meet you this weekend at influence! and it was so easy to smile at you… and should we decide to return next year… well lets make plans to spend some time together! but between now and then let’s still “get together” even if it is via snail mail, e-mail, or other electronic devices! have a wonderful week!!! and once again know that i am so glad to have met you!! in real life!!!

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