genesis in the blossoms


the long winter has warmed.

our sweet Spring has stored her winter blanket for anew.

the brown, crisp grasses have given way to new growth.  green hope.

this life is meant for twirling your skirt in the sun,

and recovering the roots of spirit, with dirty fingertips.

i embrace this time with a straw hat, cutoff jeans.

welcome to you

dear, sweet, intoxicating spring!


we have been waiting a long winter’s night.

we are poised for the show, and ready to embrace your distinct, delicious scent.

we are each a seed in the Master Gardener’s palm.

He plants us deep down,
so we can appreciate getting up.

we are formed in the image of God,

our blessings, each petal,

a glimpse of His love for us.

just as the bud wiggles through the nutrient rich soil,

it’s strength earned through the harsh winds,

i fight with all my might to do this life on my own,


i need to just look up.

and He is there.


ready to offer warmth, a pull upward.


i feel the weight/wait of the sun’s warmth.

or perhaps the Son’s warmth?

He gave me nourishment, allowed for a stretch and heard me beg for deeper roots,

so i can help those who struggle too.

to share what i know about shining.

growing, weeding, pruning.

i believe it goes both ways.

because i certainly wilt when i should stand tall,

and i certainly blow wind around like i am the weather maker,

especially when i should be still.

but! spring is hope.  we all need that, yes?  🙂


unraveling in our layers of doubt, we should’ve known,

dear, ridiculously unpredictable spring,

that you will show up and heal, just as He does,

even though we don’t know sometimes when the trees will flower, we anticipate it.

but we know, we always know you will come.

when every sweet chirp leaves us a bit anxious . . .

but you will show.

in cherry blossoms, and wet, muddy splashes.

you show up, as a gift

and we just need to accept You.

i believe it is time to get muddy, and frolick around a bit in the Son. ♥

go forth and twirl.


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

2 thoughts on “genesis in the blossoms

  1. Barbara Lynn,

    Hope you’re well. Enjoyed today’s post & it caused me to think of a photo I shot recently near our home. Aunt Lynda & I passed this & I had to stop the car to capture the beautiful backlit blossoms.

    Give our best to Ryan & Lexi.

    Love, Uncle Tim

    Sent from my iPad

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