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the hardest part for me about this here blog is writing for YOU my audience. i don’t know who you REALLY are. i know i have family members, and friends, and even a few strangers. so, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. for reading, especially for commenting. for traveling to this little site to hear what’s on my mind.
you may have noticed that i have been a wee bit quiet ’round these here parts. and that isn’t because i don’t want to write and share for you all…but, it means i may be over thinking it! πŸ™‚ if you know me personally, you know that this is QUITE true in my daily endeavors. i am a bit of a crazy freak. πŸ˜‰
so, i am not done with this blog. in fact, i want to improve this blog TREMENDOUSLY. so, i need your help.
i would like 1 million pennies.
JUST KIDDING. πŸ™‚ although i could buy that expensive J.Crew army green lovely jacket that i’ve been eyeing for months….anyway…..
i want to know what you like, dislike or can’t live without on this here space. do you like the series? like the attempt at funny ones? the spiritual posts? want to see more of my mug? (Lord help us all). pictures of rl and i underwater basket weaving? what tickles your fancy?
i know i have a varied audience, and want to make sure i am creating content, so you leave better after having visited.
if you could just leave me a comment (located at the bottom right of this post), and let me know your thoughts, i would greatly, greatly, GREATLY appreciate it! and who knows, you may win a gift card of your choice for commenting!!!

(wink wink) (that means you should comment please) (so you can win something maybe) (and it’s free) (help a sister out y’all).

if you are more comfortable emailing me, you can do so at: beforeverlovely (@ symbol) gmail (dot) com.

thanks again truly lovely people!


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. Β© Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

6 thoughts on “what YOU want

  1. Barbie, I love coming to this blog and reading anything you may have written that day…it helps me escape my busy, crazy, amazing reality for a few moments…..I get me laughing, it helps me put things into perspective, motivates me to cook and try new things! Most of all it reminds me enjoy the little thing in life…so keep writing what on your mind because it does affect the people reading it!! Love ya!!

  2. I struggle with this too. I can count on one hand the people who read my blog – and I think most of them may be spammers … : ) Anyway. What I’ve finally decided is I need to write for ME. Because I have to. And if readers come … that’s great … but I think my blog is about writing because I need to write. That realization has made the whole experience so much more fulfilling. Good luck and listen to your writer’s voice!

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