stitching love

Recently, I have realized I have several of these, one of which is this one, which is the catalyst for my words below.

my great grandma's homemade quilt
my great grandma’s homemade quilt

Some of us need it for warmth.  To wrap it around ourselves, and know that we are covered in its whole.  We are cold from everyone’s expectations. Including our own.

Some of us need it to sit upon, and reflect. To just be there upon it, noticing its stitches. Maybe we are unsure of how this whole thing is pieced together.

We are overwhelmed.

Some of us needed it to rest upon.  To just be still, and REST.  We are burdened and weary from too much waiting on this, and fretting about that.

Others need it to see how their fabric is woven into it, relished for its unique pattern, and justified for its price.  We aren’t sure if we are worthy of it.

Others have never seen it before, and just being next to it, being able to touch it, is what they needed to start their own.  Does it really exist?  Or is it – just a tale?

Those who knew about it thought that theirs was small, not knowing that each of us, have our own, but when we stitch it together, we are making one big one.

Some knew, but had NO IDEA how big.


Our quilt of influence.  Our Blanket of knowing smiles, and dancing of joyful tribes.

Our community of a hug, or a thrifted mug of coffee, just for us.

Our quilt may look crazy when scattered about, the textures bashing into each other in cacophonous swirls.

Without the other pieces.

But when we are physically done carrying around our quilt here, someone else will need to use it.

For warmth.

For protection.

For sitting upon and reflecting.

And our thread is the Good News.  This is not the end.  We are not aware of the whole picture.  Hope is all around.  Love your neighbor, love yourself.


We have influence.  We can do the hard things.  We can love the weary.  We can build again after castastrophic events.  We are loved.  We are worthy.  We have warmth.

We are bigger and smaller than we imagined.  In the best possible way.

God.   His gift to us.

Our quilt is crazy.  It exists.

And someday, when someone asks for a place to rest, or if it exists, or to really have a hug with impact, we know that its there.

Just waiting for us to enjoy in its splendorous pattern.

Crazy stitches, different colors, looped together, forming a blanket of grace.

Just for us.  And everyone we meet.

Because we are human, and what binds us together is simpler than even we can understand or comprehend.


One love.  For life.

One gift.  Of love.

One hope.  For tomorrow’s sunrise.

Each day.  Together we fight for this life to be better.

One blanket of humanity, warming the cold, covering the weak, sheltering the lost.

We are in this together.

One world community.

I am all in.

What does community mean to you?

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be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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