share your blooms


if you have a gift, you are given that gift by the Creator to share.

you may be funny like ellen degeneres.

you may be kind like mother teresa.

you may be joyful like a child after scoring their first goal.

whatever it may be, it MATTERS.

a strong voice for the needy,

a gentle spirit with the differently abled,

the ability to put anyone at ease.

a sense of humor that breaks the silence of grief,

the ability to fix any old thing,

the confidence to show another how,

or a smile that would light up the depths of hell,

you are to SHARE it.

you were given that gift to show others that this life is just the beginning,

and that gift is to be passed around,

so that each recipient of your gift is aware of their own gifts.

the more we realize that we are just humans,

similar with different color skin,

various body shapes,

numerous kinds of love,

epic tales of triumph,

the closer we are to Heaven.

so share that story that seems embarassing,

it may change someones’s sorrow.

forget their judgement for a moment, and open up.

show your gift, share your passion.

see how you just being YOU can change the path of a child’s life,

help an elderly person understand a simple task,

urge a struggle artist to embrace their talent.

for if we hold our gifts,

we are like a flower that blooms only for itself.

imagine that world without the sunflowers!


without the glory of a rose with dewy petals?

without the beauty of an iris’ falls ~ it is a sad possibility indeed.

go forth ~ be KIND, be TRUTHFUL, be YOU.

most importantly::  share those gifts.

it will at the very least, double your JOY.

Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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