i feel so small sometimes….

… because i am.

so smallllll

i am learning that i need to edit more of me each day.

take out the sour, include the sweet.

exclude the negative, include the positive.

i must not edit God.

i must let Him edit me.

i feel so small sometimes, & that is because i am.

so is the stuff i get wrapped up into.

it is curious how i believe the gunk, my “stuff” is bigger than the Great love.

it is also strange how i can feel yucky in my heart about being selfish,

how i feel like i’m trying to learn/teach myself grace –

tell you about it,

yet, i’m abandoning it at the start of forgiving myself for mistakes –

that is what grace is – – – – -yes?!?! YES!

the hard stuff isn’t so hard with others to help.

we all feel small in front of God.

and we should.

that is EXACTLY how He planned it! ♥

we need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, our mishaps, our mess-ups.

we need to feel small, so God can wrap us up in His arms to comfort us.

otherwise, we are like that crying, writhing child who won’t sleep, when exhausted is all they are, and sleep is the only solution.

my only solution is God.

and probably why when it snows, i feel like a little girl being rocked to sleep, with a world of possibilities at her fingertips.

how amazing His grace is, and how sweet the sound of snowfall…

all my love and wonder to you this wednesday,


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

2 thoughts on “i feel so small sometimes….

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. A good reminder during this season of post Christmas- pre new years goal making days. I’m thinking ‘grace’ is going to be a theme word for me. Or perhaps ‘forgiveness’. of myself and others. My heart can be a dark place when it wants to be but He is love and light and forgiveness. I shouldn’t forget. xo

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