***PLEASE USE #THEMUSTACHESMILE for your hashtags. I MESSED UP!*****


my dad has had a mustache my entire life, although recently he has grown it into a goatee. for his third quarter if you will. 🙂

and my dad is one of the kindest, gentlest, most caring souls around. case in point, he just finished painting my living room for me for my upcoming birthday present. he is a professional-skilled painter too, so he didn’t just slap some paint up there. 🙂 he took his time, and really, really rocked it out. i am so grateful. my dad is one of my best friends, and i would be lost without him.

yeah, but what does that have to do with mustaches, or this post?

and more importantly, what kind of title is that?!?

well, i have a new friend, and her name is kerith. we’ll be rooming together for my upcoming Hope Spoken conference! i cannot wait to meet her. maybe that is weird to say she is my friend, because we haven’t officially met, but the internet is weird, & so am i. we have emailed a few times back and forth, and this girl’s heart is GOLD. and she’s funny, so, i love her already, obviously. 🙂

while meeting new folks, i know i always am an open book, share too much, and generally accept them for whatever they are willing to share with me. needless to say, she has shared with me, and what a story she has.

it has been a year of overcoming for my new sweet friend, and the very worst of this year has been losing her dad, who had a mustache and a great smile to boot. (see the title reference now?) you can read more about her dad, and his awesomeness here.

her Dad passed away from a heart attack while serving during church one day in april last year. they had a very tight relationship, & she misses him dearly. and as a daughter who wants to honor her father, she wants everyone to do something, today, March 5th, to be kind. march 5th was her padre’s birthday, and it seemed only fitting to her, and her family that they love in his honor on this day.

so, i want to help her honor her dad, and i want to give you the assignment of helping out. if you use social media, or even email a lot, would you be so kind to use this hashtag?


kerith has a lot of awesome ways & ideas that she has conjured up to show kindness today. go to her blog, and say hello, and please, for her dad, and every kind man with a mustache out there, do something out of kindness today. and tell the person or people you loved on, that you did it for the mustache smile. 🙂

show an act of love to someone that you don’t know. because her dad did those kinds of things all the time, and she and her mom and sister are passing around his love in the best way they know how. by sharing it. ♥

won’t you join us?

much love & kindness,


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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