fractals of joy

being the light refracted
being the light refracted

if i change the color of my hair, it is the same.

if i gain ten pounds of carb overloading for a race that i’m not racing (i’ve never done that! 😉 ), it remains constant.

if i forget to say thank you, or good morning, or good night, nothing has faded.

if i remember to say hello, say yes, or say no when appropriate, it is copasetic (as my dad says).

it is now.

it is then.

it will be.

His love for me.

when i’m in the dumps because of the chemicals in my brain that i can’t control…God loves me SO much that day, AND the greatest day of my happiness overload.

when i am cross with my love, and when i am graceful with myself.

God’s love is forever the same.

He loves me.

when i miss my favorite girl til my heart just feels like breaking into a prism of despair, and then she texts me with her lol’s and abbreviations.

He is in those moments. He knows my virtual hug from her was what i needed RIGHT THEN.

i still can’t get over it.

i’m working on it.

& working on trying to be more like Him, or at least love like i’d want to be loved.

but…i’m human for Pete’s sake! besides, for Pete’s best friend’s sake too, you are human. so is our pastor’s wife. & my school counselor. the customer service rep for my wireless provider. especially the hardest-to-love-people who drive me CRAZY.

but…God loves them JUST AS MUCH AS HE LOVES ME.
even though i am self-righteous sometimes.

too often.


being human sometimes is the pits. and sometimes…



happy green shirt from my favorite coffee place :)
happy green shirt from my favorite coffee place 🙂


teeny tiny blue glass vases
teeny tiny blue glass vases

sometimes some of this too:

antrhopologie party
fancy pants sparkles for the anthro birthday party soiree (is that how you spell soiree?)

& a touch of this:

spring from my love
spring from my love

i am scooping up, and whittling together my own stained glass joy, because i’m realizing that i enjoy the light more from my bits & the fractals of color look better when i share, & isn’t that the point of this whole journey anyway?

i plan on getting messy, dirty, joyous, raucous with the good bits, & i’d love for you to share in that insane blissful chaos with me. what has shown you fractals of joy lately? spring is coming lovelies! i hear those birds, & i’m building my nest of bits of color & hope. join me! the comments section has been lonely lately. share something that has made you joyful lately, pretty please?

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