this space is maintained/created/curated by my crazy brain, unless it’s not, in which i give full credits & gratitude.

hola, me llamo barbie, or barb, or babs. i go by lots of names with b, (no! not that one!)… a wee bit about me:

hi, i’m barb:: ♥ this is where i share my thoughts on making this life & the people, places & things better than when we found them. it’s a great idea, & i fail daily but i am super grateful to God for grace (& the show New Girl). i am in love with a Viking, & am lucky enough to be a stepmama to my favorite girl A.R. i’m trying to design my best life & am loving the freedom in creating, gardening, loving ALL people EQUALLY, sterling silver, & the MSU spartans make my heart happy. i have a slew of best gals that i met at MSU, i rock a lot of Biggby coffee, & i attend my local Goodwill more than my church (working on it). one day, i’ll be an author, own a VW bug, & will always consider myself a frizzy hippy.

please be kind.

2 thoughts on “{gardener}

  1. from alex reese herself: always set a goal to your dreams u may not achieve at first but if it is something u really enjoy u will succeed. it may take awile but who in the world ever said it was going to be easy, it sure wasnt me lol!!! see ever one makes mistakes and i am one of the many as an example i use to not be the best hiker but now over the years i have worked and even though i still am not perfect im happy with how i feel and side and i hpoe u all feel the same thank u all so very much for your time

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