your beauty lies within what you are

your beauty lies within what you are.  it cannot change, and will not waver. you may not be able to touch it, but it is there. what it is you seek shall be in you from the beginning. and it shall be. it shall be. love yourself for what you have been given. nurture thoseContinue reading “your beauty lies within what you are”

the power of positivity

  you know the type.  bubbly, energetic, always a positive attitude, half glass full, etc. i confess that that is me, 1/2 glass full, most of the time. let me also confess that i love trying to always remain upbeat – striving to be energetic about the possibilities that lie ahead.  the keyword there is: trying. but, sometimesContinue reading “the power of positivity”

plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help

happy earth day, one and all! we all need the sunshine hello!  welcome to be forever lovely!   please remember, this is a place to leave more happy than when you arrived.  i am trying to figure out how we can all be forever lovely by taking the experiences of every day, every moment, every whisper, andContinue reading “plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help”