monday mantra :: embrace them.

“Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time, is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. and, I believe this to be true of our lives. every whisper, every tear, every belly laugh, every hug, partakes to the perfection of yourContinue reading “monday mantra :: embrace them.”

surf the brave

being brave comes from within. or does it? i think it comes to us in waves, and we need to muster the courage to grab our boards and catch it! i haven’t talked much on here about my recent journey to change. but it’s scary. i’m a student again, and am experiencing the unknown, becomingContinue reading “surf the brave”

adventure, adventure :: backpacking in the moonlight

i went backpacking for the first time last fall. where you wear your food, your clothes, your space to sleep, on your back. and you set up camp at some lovely place, where the air is fresher than your lungs know what to do with. we went up north in the lower peninsula of michigan,Continue reading “adventure, adventure :: backpacking in the moonlight”

confidence can:: laugh. aka: that one time i tried to “do a photoshoot for an outfit post”

first off, i am faboosh, whether the camera tells me that or not.  (a little confidence can, if you will). 🙂 but um…how do fashion bloggers do it? there is a super popular series, well, i’m sure that there are many, many series devoted to this, but i know of what i wore wednesday, byContinue reading “confidence can:: laugh. aka: that one time i tried to “do a photoshoot for an outfit post””

gooey s’mores

i don’t know if it is the perfectly perfect little thumbnail picture that we choose. which statuses we “like”.  who we “follow”. or the idea that somehow beyond the visual pixels and colors and music, that these people, be it a blogger, or fellow “pinner”, or a coworker’s jealous-inducing status updates on facebook, that makeContinue reading “gooey s’mores”

snippets of summer

enjoying life. smelling the flowers as much as possible. being asked to “drive” the Jeep off road out of a HUGE, DEEP, MUDDY hole… this angle does it no justice!  i got us out though, stellar off-roader that i pretend to be. enjoying the sunshine on this beauty’s face as much as i possibly canContinue reading “snippets of summer”

share your blooms

if you have a gift, you are given that gift by the Creator to share. you may be funny like ellen degeneres. you may be kind like mother teresa. you may be joyful like a child after scoring their first goal. whatever it may be, it MATTERS. a strong voice for the needy, a gentleContinue reading “share your blooms”