♥ goods

valentime’s day. yes, i said valentime. sue me. (please don’t sue me though, i am scared of courts). it can be an awful time or a time of delicious smelling, overpriced roses. BUT! what if we just called it a love month, and perhaps gave gifts all month long to those we love? and ifContinue reading “♥ goods”

snippets of summer

enjoying life. smelling the flowers as much as possible. being asked to “drive” the Jeep off road out of a HUGE, DEEP, MUDDY hole… this angle does it no justice!  i got us out though, stellar off-roader that i pretend to be. enjoying the sunshine on this beauty’s face as much as i possibly canContinue reading “snippets of summer”

random thought thursday:: ranunculus edition

ranunculus. is the plural ranunculaii??   i am obsessed & want to grow some this year. i keep seeing people post pictures of their gorgeous blue mason jars full of a bouquet of them. where do you buy them in bouquets? trader joes? farmer’s markets?  where??? (i am desperately seeking ranunculussssessssss.) source i am obsessed,Continue reading “random thought thursday:: ranunculus edition”


of joy: our little guinea pig Gus, who is growing day by day, and snuggle by snuggle. of filling up the soul: john blase’s words, are inspired.  simply inspired. find his words here of note: beautiful artist/singer miranda dodson, whom i heard originally on npr. stunning. of sight: of my ever changing michigan.  she isContinue reading “sprinkles”

leroy and his journey

fact:  rl is colorblind. fact:  i believe in naming objects like cars, bikes, and machines. fact:  i have bad luck with cameras. in fact, these are all random facts.  but, my life is a series of random, hilarious facts that get jumbled together into my story.  here’s one of them: i have LOVED horses forContinue reading “leroy and his journey”