7 to start

With just seven minutes left on my lunch hour, I will start. I will blog more, share more, LISTEN more. I will conduct more PASSIONATELY my life and times here, and everywhere. I will be BOLD in the face of uncertainty, because I know that even if I fall, countless folks, and a very importantContinue reading “7 to start”

grace for the winged ones

CRACK! the poor bird smacks its beak into the window.  CRACK!  again.  why won’t that teeny thing just open it’s eyes?  why won’t it look?  doesn’t it see what’s right in front of it? it is never about me.  nor should it be.  but, even though sometimes it hurts,  i am the pane that GodContinue reading “grace for the winged ones”

{insert your excuse here: mine was fear}

to mankind, i may never be enough, but in God’s eyes, i always am. YES! i struggle with jealousy. with fear. with comparison.  bummer. i also struggle with too much i. but, if you are a human being (pretty sure this means you), so do you.  yay, we’re in this together! so, when i wasContinue reading “{insert your excuse here: mine was fear}”

what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)

in case you need to be filled in, please see this to know where i’m going for the next four days. okay, you back? good. i’m packing these, which were cheaper than normal because they are kids’ size – BONUS! 🙂 i’m packing my big girl pants, (& no, that was not a rip on myself,Continue reading “what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)”

a reminder for us all

my friend Rebecca saved this for me. it came from her chocolate treat. i thought i would share, and remind you all of this truth: no matter your waist size, your marital status, your skin condition, your career, your age, etc., etc., etc… you are special, you have worth, your value is priceless, you makeContinue reading “a reminder for us all”

weak or strong is irrelevant

i am not weak because i cry, nor strong because i shout. i am me, because that’s the only person i can control. there is comfort in that thought for me. i have been told all my life that i’m too sensitive. but, the more i realize who i want to be,  the more iContinue reading “weak or strong is irrelevant”

random thought thursday:: rodent retirement homes

i have not written. i have not wanted to write. i have not wanted anything but to be left alone. and that is hard to type out since i know it’s us that makes me better. me + you  = better. i have had a change in perspective. not huge, not overly dramatic. just that,Continue reading “random thought thursday:: rodent retirement homes”