quietest voice

sometimes the quietest voice heeds the loudest boom. who or what are you listening to?  watching?  is it uplifting to you?  are they making you feel peace?  is it filling you with kindness and happiness?  what about that person or thing is something you’d like to listen to more? just thoughts on a tuesday. peaceContinue reading “quietest voice”

words of the mother – give away – WINNER

    ** this giveaway is now closed.  the winner is amanda! since i will be seeing you in a few days friend, i’ll bring it with me.  i was not sure how to get the little random.org generator on here, but amanda was number 1 literally, and as the winner!  🙂  hopefully some newContinue reading “words of the mother – give away – WINNER”

trying to wear this one out.

what is it about this season of my life that makes me snap as i never have before?  so scared of making any mistakes?  as if, i haven’t made millions already?  and i’ve been forgiven (when i shouldn’t have been), but i’m terrified to fail.  at being a mama to alex, and a best girlContinue reading “trying to wear this one out.”

doing without the stank

what happens when you forget to empty the trash? the fridge? the leftovers bag gets leftover in your car? the stank.  the stank is what happens. but… what happens when you leave your dreams un-fulfilled, or at least unruffled in your heart?  do you hear them?  do they decompose inside you?  are they clogging up your brain spaceContinue reading “doing without the stank”

the upswing of being ungreedy

it is not about wanting nice things.  of course i want nice things.  it is not about how much money i make or have made or will make.  of course i want to be able to support myself and my little family. it is not about being able to compare my friends, my family’s, myContinue reading “the upswing of being ungreedy”

no reward, but a hug:: random thought thu-wed-rsday

missing: : : **cute orange scarf, owner will not pay with money, but a hug if found** i lost my orange scarf. orange is one of my favorite colors.  probably because it is happy.  cheerful.  orange. i drive an orange saturn vue. her name is sunny.  seriously.  i like to name stuff. yellow and purpleContinue reading “no reward, but a hug:: random thought thu-wed-rsday”

destination unknown, travel with faith

path::source it is not the time. nor, perhaps the place. but it is stirring. right in the middle of this middle child’s heart. i hear it coming…like the train that we thought was defunct by our house…WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. it is more like a fire, than a train i suppose.  although some days when the engine is soContinue reading “destination unknown, travel with faith”

my response to her, although i am a stranger

i read the following blog post, by a writer out of new york.  she is lovely, she is talented.  it is how i feel and then some.  sometimes (especially this time of year), i don’t know how to express this to others: the wily brunette and then, this is what i wrote to her: “toContinue reading “my response to her, although i am a stranger”