5 :: hopespoken

one:: hi, i’m barb, and i’m going to the hope spoken conference! whoohoo! i am so blessed to be able to go. this is a picture of my mom and i from a few weekends ago on a family visit to south haven, michigan (which is an AWESOME coastal town on Lake Michigan that you shouldContinue reading “5 :: hopespoken”

leroy and his journey

fact:  rl is colorblind. fact:  i believe in naming objects like cars, bikes, and machines. fact:  i have bad luck with cameras. in fact, these are all random facts.  but, my life is a series of random, hilarious facts that get jumbled together into my story.  here’s one of them: i have LOVED horses forContinue reading “leroy and his journey”

copper connector, railroad conductor

i am not sure what the path that God has chosen for me except that somehow i’m a connector. i am the railroad conductor. child, sister, mediator. long term-er. connector.  like a copper wire of sorts, weaving my way around, making sure the electricity is on between folks. i utilize this copper with a sense of urgency,Continue reading “copper connector, railroad conductor”

diy life

1. be born. 2. make it through middle/high/elementary life while being awkward. 3. discover your path does not align with “well, on paper it’s perfect”. 4. realize that this is exactly where & when you’re supposed to be((hear)) 5. fall down, fail, get tragically uninspired by comparison to your-friends-peers-others. 6. realize that you hate this path, pray, choose another.Continue reading “diy life”

doing without the stank

what happens when you forget to empty the trash? the fridge? the leftovers bag gets leftover in your car? the stank.  the stank is what happens. but… what happens when you leave your dreams un-fulfilled, or at least unruffled in your heart?  do you hear them?  do they decompose inside you?  are they clogging up your brain spaceContinue reading “doing without the stank”