Confidence Can Cook :: are you ready for some footballlllll?

  I am delighted to share another amazing recipe that my friend Ellen has gathered, tested, photographed (& hopefully enjoyed) with you all! Please, take it away Ellen! During the Fall season, I always find myself craving yummy comfort food. I think it’s a combination of the cooler weather and football watching that happens inContinue reading “Confidence Can Cook :: are you ready for some footballlllll?”

confidence can:: laugh. aka: that one time i tried to “do a photoshoot for an outfit post”

first off, i am faboosh, whether the camera tells me that or not.  (a little confidence can, if you will). 🙂 but um…how do fashion bloggers do it? there is a super popular series, well, i’m sure that there are many, many series devoted to this, but i know of what i wore wednesday, byContinue reading “confidence can:: laugh. aka: that one time i tried to “do a photoshoot for an outfit post””

confidence can:: vitaminia confidencia

do you know what you need sometimes? a boost. of vitamin c? of vitamin d? of vitamina confidencia. i tell you, it will change you.  i don’t like my pictures taken. i don’t think i’m the only one out there with this issue. i never have, and i’m trying to change, so that one day,Continue reading “confidence can:: vitaminia confidencia”

Confidence Can :: Cook!

One of the many things I need help with is cooking!  I have a few foodie friends who I am always asking for new and delicious recipes, and my lovely friend Ellen S. was gracious enough to be the first contributor to the Confidence Can series.  YAHOOSKI!  I couldn’t be more blessed or proud toContinue reading “Confidence Can :: Cook!”

Confidence Can :: The Beginning

There are things that I’m not great at.  Surprised?  Ha!  You know, I thought the gig was up.  🙂  Cleaning, cooking, and organization are a few of these things. Exercising and knowing when to be quiet are a few more. But one of my biggest weaknesses? Confidence. Just plain old, nothing fancy, confidence. Smiling big,Continue reading “Confidence Can :: The Beginning”