catalystic flight

hope may be feathers found wind felt sing songs enjoyed. it could be juicy nectar delights dribbling, drabbling right round. soft cracks in the shell of spring sure to delight. for the bats darling… clear galaxies of catalystic flight. lessons breaking free from passage to raw growth (much anticipated) or cobbled bits after grief hasContinue reading “catalystic flight”

genesis in the blossoms

the long winter has warmed. our sweet Spring has stored her winter blanket for anew. the brown, crisp grasses have given way to new growth.  green hope. this life is meant for twirling your skirt in the sun, and recovering the roots of spirit, with dirty fingertips. i embrace this time with a straw hat,Continue reading “genesis in the blossoms”


there is a diligence needed in hard work. it may pay off in the likes of fragrance, in abundance, in wealth of magnatudes that my simple-seeking mind cannot fathom . . . but every once in a while, hard work becomes something to just sit and admire . . . especially if it involves the sun.Continue reading “accomplishment”

gardener revisited

how do you continue to everyday. how do you possibly make it another day without the knowledge of any kind of break from hard work. you don’t know. but you certainly don’t make it. you work harder. you pray for others. you keep the faith. you keep your chin up because that isContinue reading “gardener revisited”


we struggle. we hrmmppphhh into our hands. we cackle. we triumph. we struggle again. then, when we cannot take another moment of! we look up, and realize that there are endless possibilites, and maybe just this once, we forgive ourselves for not being perfect, and knowing that we are boundless in our attempt toContinue reading “endless”

one earthly year

 HAPPY EARTH DAY 2011 ~  NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK, NEW COMMITMENT TO BE FOREVER LOVELY!!! you don’t need to throw something away for it to be lost forever. take leggings. they came back, right? and i thought they only existed in Madonna’s closet or the local goodwill.  what about trash? does it truly ever go away?Continue reading “one earthly year”

plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help

happy earth day, one and all! we all need the sunshine hello!  welcome to be forever lovely!   please remember, this is a place to leave more happy than when you arrived.  i am trying to figure out how we can all be forever lovely by taking the experiences of every day, every moment, every whisper, andContinue reading “plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help”