what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)

in case you need to be filled in, please see this¬†to know where i’m going for the next four days. okay, you back? good. i’m packing these, which were cheaper than normal because they are kids’ size – BONUS! ūüôā i’m packing my big girl pants, (& no, that was not a rip on myself,Continue reading “what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)”


focusing on good stuff, here are seven things i am so incredibly thankful for: early morning softball eyes.¬† they are the prettiest i’ve seen yet.¬† those lashes! little hands, little hearts, BIG impact on their aunt baaaaabs. (& matching jammies). a view from happy.¬† my sweet alex reese, a pit of wonder, the garden boxes.Continue reading “favorites/friday”

quietest voice

sometimes the quietest voice heeds the loudest boom. who or what are you listening to?¬† watching?¬† is it uplifting to you?¬† are they making you feel peace?¬† is it filling you with kindness and happiness?¬† what about that person or thing is something you’d like to listen to more? just thoughts on a tuesday. peaceContinue reading “quietest voice”

trying to wear this one out.

what is it about this season of my life that makes me snap as i never have before?¬† so scared of making any mistakes?¬† as if, i haven’t made millions already?¬† and i’ve been forgiven (when i shouldn’t have been), but i’m terrified to fail.¬† at being a mama to alex, and a best girlContinue reading “trying to wear this one out.”

diy life

1. be born. 2.¬†make it¬†through middle/high/elementary life while being awkward. 3. discover your path does not align with “well, on paper it’s perfect”. 4. realize that this is exactly where¬†& when you’re supposed to be((hear)) 5. fall down, fail, get tragically uninspired by comparison to your-friends-peers-others. 6. realize that you hate this path, pray,¬†choose another.Continue reading “diy life”

where i found him, and why i keep searching

i have found him atop a hill in noblesville, indiana during a ben harper concert with some of my best friends. i have found him in the embrace of a crying baby when i want to weep as well. i found him in the smile of a gap-toothed homeless man upon the chicago windy streets.Continue reading “where i found him, and why i keep searching”

the upswing of being ungreedy

it is not about wanting nice things.¬† of course i want nice things.¬† it is not about how much money i make or have made or will make.¬† of course i want to be able to support myself and my little family. it is not about being able to compare my friends, my family’s, myContinue reading “the upswing of being ungreedy”