snippets of summer


enjoying life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsmelling the flowers as much as possible.

2013-05-26_15-26-55_826being asked to “drive” the Jeep off road out of a HUGE, DEEP, MUDDY hole…

2013-05-26_15-26-40_79this angle does it no justice!  i got us out though, stellar off-roader that i pretend to be.

2013-05-25_09-38-54_665enjoying the sunshine on this beauty’s face as much as i possibly can (and that little furry nugget too).

2013-05-25_19-01-02_698a little of this…

2013-05-26_16-20-37_382a smidge of this…

getting my first final grade (an A!) for my new path. 🙂yay

 doing lots of this for homework:

2013-06-30_20-50-51_772 knowing that this isn’t perfect, but that i’m trying my best.

2013-05-28_16-46-13_672learning about different ways that this is art, and how i need to relax about it.

2013-06-03_17-42-45_557enjoying a lot of this


2013-06-28_12-50-13_527this and

IMG_20130513_100241there is quite a bit of my homerun hitter thrown in, which makes my heart SO happy


and of course there’s always, ALWAYS room for this guy:

2012-07-22_20-51-06_765 (1)and of course some of this goodness too

but no summer would be complete without a lot of this:

2013-06-27_15-41-37_237but, in my humble opinion, due to our rainy mitten weather this year, i haven’t had enough of these to enjoy (hint, hint, Big Guy 😉 )

2013-07-05_21-28-17_5and i can’t wait to use this to keep pop and vino cool, especially since my rl made it for me (it was my grandparents’) :



this guy and i agree, it has been an amazing summer so far, and i’m so pumped for the rest of it! may your days be filled with the glory of His masterpieces

IMG_20130624_195844and may you always


share your blooms


if you have a gift, you are given that gift by the Creator to share.

you may be funny like ellen degeneres.

you may be kind like mother teresa.

you may be joyful like a child after scoring their first goal.

whatever it may be, it MATTERS.

a strong voice for the needy,

a gentle spirit with the differently abled,

the ability to put anyone at ease.

a sense of humor that breaks the silence of grief,

the ability to fix any old thing,

the confidence to show another how,

or a smile that would light up the depths of hell,

you are to SHARE it.

you were given that gift to show others that this life is just the beginning,

and that gift is to be passed around,

so that each recipient of your gift is aware of their own gifts.

the more we realize that we are just humans,

similar with different color skin,

various body shapes,

numerous kinds of love,

epic tales of triumph,

the closer we are to Heaven.

so share that story that seems embarassing,

it may change someones’s sorrow.

forget their judgement for a moment, and open up.

show your gift, share your passion.

see how you just being YOU can change the path of a child’s life,

help an elderly person understand a simple task,

urge a struggle artist to embrace their talent.

for if we hold our gifts,

we are like a flower that blooms only for itself.

imagine that world without the sunflowers!


without the glory of a rose with dewy petals?

without the beauty of an iris’ falls ~ it is a sad possibility indeed.

go forth ~ be KIND, be TRUTHFUL, be YOU.

most importantly::  share those gifts.

it will at the very least, double your JOY.

genesis in the blossoms


the long winter has warmed.

our sweet Spring has stored her winter blanket for anew.

the brown, crisp grasses have given way to new growth.  green hope.

this life is meant for twirling your skirt in the sun,

and recovering the roots of spirit, with dirty fingertips.

i embrace this time with a straw hat, cutoff jeans.

welcome to you

dear, sweet, intoxicating spring!


we have been waiting a long winter’s night.

we are poised for the show, and ready to embrace your distinct, delicious scent.

we are each a seed in the Master Gardener’s palm.

He plants us deep down,
so we can appreciate getting up.

we are formed in the image of God,

our blessings, each petal,

a glimpse of His love for us.

just as the bud wiggles through the nutrient rich soil,

it’s strength earned through the harsh winds,

i fight with all my might to do this life on my own,


i need to just look up.

and He is there.


ready to offer warmth, a pull upward.


i feel the weight/wait of the sun’s warmth.

or perhaps the Son’s warmth?

He gave me nourishment, allowed for a stretch and heard me beg for deeper roots,

so i can help those who struggle too.

to share what i know about shining.

growing, weeding, pruning.

i believe it goes both ways.

because i certainly wilt when i should stand tall,

and i certainly blow wind around like i am the weather maker,

especially when i should be still.

but! spring is hope.  we all need that, yes?  🙂


unraveling in our layers of doubt, we should’ve known,

dear, ridiculously unpredictable spring,

that you will show up and heal, just as He does,

even though we don’t know sometimes when the trees will flower, we anticipate it.

but we know, we always know you will come.

when every sweet chirp leaves us a bit anxious . . .

but you will show.

in cherry blossoms, and wet, muddy splashes.

you show up, as a gift

and we just need to accept You.

i believe it is time to get muddy, and frolick around a bit in the Son. ♥

go forth and twirl.


random thought thursday:: ranunculus edition

ranunculus. is the plural ranunculaii??   i am obsessed & want to grow some this year. i keep seeing people post pictures of their gorgeous blue mason jars full of a bouquet of them.

where do you buy them in bouquets? trader joes? farmer’s markets?  where??? (i am desperately seeking ranunculussssessssss.)



i am obsessed, & also an awful guinea pig parent  to gus D. guinea pig.  (although if you ask a.r., she is the mom, and i’m the grandma). i can’t be a grandma yet.

selfie, by a.r.

selfie, by a.r.

i believe i am over zig zags in the form of chevron. it gives me a headache. (i won’t share a picture, i don’t want to give you a headache).

planning a yard, garden and/or outdoor space is SO fun. paying for one is not.

coral curtains are fun.

IMG_20130502_154030 (1)

owls are overdone. let’s give the groundhogs a chance people. or? hedgehogs. think about all the cuteness with the spikes.

oh witty hedgehog.

oh witty hedgehog.

if you’d like to buy yourself one, (or me pretty please), you can find him here! 🙂

i love the color green, and the best version of green? spring. Hallelujah.

i got to go to the detroit tigers game and meet up with some cousins, aunts and uncles, and sisbomb #2. it confirmed the idea that my extended family on both sides is WAY better than yours. sorry folks, just the facts.

this post is brought to you by natural vitamin d. it helps regulate the crazy from eight months of sheer below 40 degree madness.

confused guinea caretaker – OUT.


tank full tuesday

certain things help your tank fill up. these are some of those lately from my view:

my people being themselves and so so happy and excited before their trip this past august.  and more importantly, planning one of these adventures, for all of us,

for next summer.

getting inspired for the flowers of next year…by stopping by and snagging pictures of other’s beautiful ideas.  i am a hopeful gardener.

remembering to look at nature when i need to reset my thoughts.  how i love trees.

knowing that my people had so much fun when i was at the influence conference, and also planning adventures with our new commando green girl, Maggie Moo.

hanging at home with my version of zac brown while watching the cma’s on the tube.

being encouraged by color, grace and plants, all kinds of green.  oh mother earth, you are so dear to me, even in your changing moods and seasons.

also:  i don’ t have a picture of it, but biggby coffee’s black bear latte.  it’s my fave.

peace you to you on this tuesday, may your tank be full today.

be lovely my friends,


a new kind to try

your story is not ordinary if it’s your story.  because, you are not ordinary, if you’re you.

trying on my uniqueness, as i’ve finally come home to it.  and it feels raw, novel, a bit too loosey goosey still, & absolutely, refreshingly, nice.  

and to quote one of my favorites ~

“it takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.”  e.e. cummings

have a lovely day my friends,


random thought thursday:: rodent retirement homes

i have not written.
i have not wanted to write.
i have not wanted anything but to be left alone.
and that is hard to type out since i know it’s us that makes me better.

me + you  = better.

i have had a change in perspective. not huge, not overly dramatic.

just that, in order for me to be the best be forever lovely writer that i may be, i need you.  and music.  and NO chipmunks.

i need your voices, your concerns, your funny, silly jokes.

your comments light my way.

i need pointless questionnaires (that really aren’t pointless, because i get to know you more).  fill out a few, and send me them, okay?

i need community. just good old-looking out for each other community.

who doesn’t?

so here’s where i’m at:

1.  i think that growing food is super awesome.  i don’t know how organic farmers do it.  my pepper plants are eaten but by critters, not me (it saddens me that rl’s jalapenos are caput thus far, he so enjoyed them).  my tomatoes are infected.  i literally cried over my garden.  yep, i’m that girl.  and, i don’t care!  i love my garden, and i want it to flourish!  any tips?  garlic cloves are in place.  chicken coop wire is up (although i do need to create the other garden box one, that may help).

2.  i think all chipmunks should die  should go to a chipmunk retirement home. they are evil  annoying little rodents who kill gardens and joy. particularly mine. and i’ve saved two from drowning (in a homemade chipmunk trap).  but for goodness sakes – please spay and neuter your chipmunks!

3.  i believe lily-white legs are the new thing. like never-see-the-sun-unless-it’s-africa-hot-outside white. i rock them out often.  just sayin.

4.  i still don’t have all the answers, but i’m trying like hellobeautiful to find them out.

summer skirt+fun heels+lawn seats+sisters = happiness

5.  concerts save me.  music is my lifeblood.  in this here and now, before the eternal question of my resting place, i like to shake my booty, and bop my head.  not only did i get to see sarah mclachlan with my two sisters (better than mint bear claw ice cream, and that’s tough to do), but i am going to ben harper in september.  what?  my favorite?  yes.  his voice fills my crackly soul with goodness and hope.

6.  my posts don’t all have to change the world, and i don’t need to worry if one or two or 500 people don’t like them.  i am the writer.  i am a writer.  it feels really good to realize that.

7.  i can’t WAIT to watch alex reese and her sweet pals play ball this weekend!  bring on the cheering and home runs!  go Gatorcats!

8.  there is nothing as soothing as a friend’s voice, and more awesome is her laughter.  thank you my sweet kate.

9.  i will soon be the proud owner of 1/4 of a cow.  will you please send along recipes that are somewhat healthy? stews, burgers, etc.

10.  i have a goal of my craft room/creative space that i’m now calling the be room, to be fully functional by august 1st.  wish me free time.  etsy should be up and running by september 1st.  wish me prayers and good luck, and buddha belly rubs all around.  and most importantly – COURAGE.

orange makes me VERY happy!

11.  and to end on an odd note, let’s pick b sharp.

stay LOVELY my friends,


quietest voice

sometimes the quietest voice heeds the loudest boom.

who or what are you listening to?  watching?  is it uplifting to you?  are they making you feel peace?  is it filling you with kindness and happiness?  what about that person or thing is something you’d like to listen to more?

just thoughts on a tuesday.

peace be with all of you.



little green heart

i want LOVE to grow here.
i want UNDERSTANDING to sprout up everywhere.  i want FORGIVENESS to ripen within everyone’s hearts.

i want HUMILITY to take root in all that we speak.  i want HUMOR to multiply, and help with those threatening times of uncertainty, but not at ANYONE’S feelings or cost.  i want RESPECT to bloom forth as if no effort was mustered, as it just organically came about, simple, and easy.  i want hate to perish.  FOREVER.  for every reason that it exists.

and mostly, i just want everyone to CHERISH each other.  As humans, as brothers and sisters in this world.  Regardless of genus, kingdom or phylum.  we are all the same breed, every kind of us.  we are human. ♥


i think that the flowers in bloom, full bloom, for everyone to witness, becoming intoxicated with their exotic fragrances, hypnotize people with their beauty.

so that even if they have a little too many sun(spots) or are over-watered from too much care, they shout with bursts of petal:  we are mature, we grew up,

we are HERE!

you sometimes even stop when you are enchanted by their pursuit

 to take notice.

i hope i am that flower someday, & i hope when looked at closely, i show the wounds of too much heat, too little water, & that my showy splendor-of-time-well-spent, yields you speechless and hypnotized.

but mostly, i suppose, i never want to stop growing, learning, and reaching new seasons.

because we can all complain about this problem or that, but in the end,

the strong do survive, and indeed, they                      

~~~~~~~  b  l  o  o  m~~~~~~~

show your colors, bloom with confidence, let people know who you are.