random thought thursday:: the random edition

1. i am on the precipice of losing my cool at work. please pray that my patience pants are available to wear. 2. i saw on my drive into work today: several wild turkeys, 2 sand hill cranes (such majestic creatures!!), robins, horses, squirrels, crows, miniature horses, swans, farm ducks & regular ducks.  i feltContinue reading “random thought thursday:: the random edition”

random thought thursday:: veronica edition

today is thursday, and is another day for me to pay tribute to something i love, or more appropriately described, another way for me to ramble. the letter v. in my humble opinion, the letter should be used more often.  i don’t often encounter having to use it, as often as i’d like.  oh youContinue reading “random thought thursday:: veronica edition”

3 things

yesterday, i dressed like a slice of watermelon, complete with seeds, see? this is a post about being on an deserted island.  like if i were Tom Hanks ala Castaway: i can only eat three things (and they provide me with all nutritional nutrients that i need and want…remember, this is a dream). 1. my GrandmaContinue reading “3 things”