random thought thursday:: holiday edition

fun image above from this here design*sponge blog

1.  what is a nog?  like egg nog?  noggin?  what eggsactly do eggs have to do with nogs?  great word. “hey you nooooogggggssss” (goonies, anyone, anyone?) 🙂

moving on.

2.  why is it called mistletoe?  it hangs above your head.  do they look like toes?  let’s discuss.

3.  what if my name would have been betsy.  or juniper?  would my life have been different?  would people have perceived me differently?  would i work on a russian space station? 

4.  i am convinced that tumblr is for people much more adept to be cool than i.  because i don’t exactly know what it is.  or why they forgot the e.

just my thoughts people.  on a thursday.  it’s random.  it’s called random thought thursday for a reason.  see, some of it makes sense.