random thought thursday:: non hippie edition

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i had some braised kale tonight that was honestly better than the mashed potatoes they shared a plate with. insane. and it was the first time i ate kale! i feel like i should be receiving my membership to “Fad Foods of Yesterday”, since kale has been hip FOREVER according to hippies….and yet, i’m a self-proclaimed hippie, and haven’t ever had kale until tonight? what????

note to self: must check and recheck my Hippie Guidelines list.

Said list includes but not limited to: buy reusable bags to use for groceries, forget to use them, buy more, make own deodorant, eat granola, shower every third day…UMMMM, apparently I am not a hippie. newsflash! 🙂

i kinda already knew that i wasn’t a real hippie, as i have never had any interest in going to, following, or reliving anything to do with the Grateful Dead. besides, Ben Harper and old Dave Matthews are enjoyable without any mood altering substances, and no weird dancing bears are involved. the bears kinda scare me. no offense if Jerry Garcia was your jam, man! he rocked! he just wasn’t my main jam, man. 🙂

i also must point out that as a psuedo-hippie, i don’t know how to let stuff go with the flow anymore, because frankly, i am not sure which flow i am supposed to follow. or unfollow, or like or friend, or poke, or snap with the chat. GAH. makeitstopsometimes.

i totally and absolutely am on board with technology. IF … we can take a break once in a while, and go swimming (right now in the mitten, we can ski or snowboard, or practice the delicate art of not freezing our asses off – i mean, sorry for swearing but this winter has STUNK as far as temps and snowfall), or macrame a plant holder for our doula. 😉

but, i do advocate loving ALL people. each one of them. no matter what they wear, who they listen to, or what kind of psychedelic bears they find fascinating. so, hippie points earned back. right on man (said with Matthew McConaughey’s voice) AND, thankfully for a.r. and r.l., i do shower daily, because that IS how i roll. except when i’m camping, which is a whole ‘nother post entirely:: hippie in her element. (picture me talking to every animal, because, well, i LOVE every animal, and ALMOST every bug, living thing, etc).

i feel like this type of post is kinda like you getting the backstage pass to the willy wonka land of my brain, and all it’s psuedo/real hippie loving ways. sure i have non hippie confrontational moments, where i need a room filled with pillows so i can thrash about like a weirdly flexible robot, but thankfully those are few and far between. 🙂 don’t you wish we could have a room like that available for when we are about to lose our marbles or kindness, and can just bounce around? it would probably make us laugh and cause fewer accidents on Woodward, right? and then we would bust a gut, hug it out, and share some ice cream in general merriment about being our awesome selves. because kind folks, i believe we are all awesome. so, somebody invent that weird pillow robot flailing room, okay? and SOON. i gots cabin fever, and i gots it B-A-D.

this post brought to you by #41 (which is one of Dave Matthews’ best songs, although my favorite song he ever wrote was the Christmas Song).

peace in whatever or wherever you call home, homies.

your psuedo hippie,


random thought thursday:: ranunculus edition

ranunculus. is the plural ranunculaii??   i am obsessed & want to grow some this year. i keep seeing people post pictures of their gorgeous blue mason jars full of a bouquet of them.

where do you buy them in bouquets? trader joes? farmer’s markets?  where??? (i am desperately seeking ranunculussssessssss.)



i am obsessed, & also an awful guinea pig parent  to gus D. guinea pig.  (although if you ask a.r., she is the mom, and i’m the grandma). i can’t be a grandma yet.

selfie, by a.r.

selfie, by a.r.

i believe i am over zig zags in the form of chevron. it gives me a headache. (i won’t share a picture, i don’t want to give you a headache).

planning a yard, garden and/or outdoor space is SO fun. paying for one is not.

coral curtains are fun.

IMG_20130502_154030 (1)

owls are overdone. let’s give the groundhogs a chance people. or? hedgehogs. think about all the cuteness with the spikes.

oh witty hedgehog.

oh witty hedgehog.

if you’d like to buy yourself one, (or me pretty please), you can find him here! 🙂

i love the color green, and the best version of green? spring. Hallelujah.

i got to go to the detroit tigers game and meet up with some cousins, aunts and uncles, and sisbomb #2. it confirmed the idea that my extended family on both sides is WAY better than yours. sorry folks, just the facts.

this post is brought to you by natural vitamin d. it helps regulate the crazy from eight months of sheer below 40 degree madness.

confused guinea caretaker – OUT.


bike spokes, fins, & other such things

i asked rl what to do about my blog.  be funnier and lighter he said.  oh, okay.  no pressure.

let’s talk about how i name stuff that is not living, shall we?

so what about all of those pages up top that say “coming soon, and thanks for your support?” you ask?  well, it’s my attempt to connect us folk by our hobbies. enter:  bike spokes, fins, etc.

i love naming stuff. LOVE it.  objects, or especially things that have wheels are my favorite.  🙂  enter: stella.  who i now call veronica:

stella/veronica (she is a dual named lady)

i got the idea for my mailbox paint from a martha stewart magazine article.  and no, i don’t remember which one, and no, in fact i don’t like martha stewart.  i am more of a julia child fan myself. (have you seen julie & julia?  darling!)

the actual blue lady herself came from rl for my bday last year.  i was shocked, & stoked.  yeaaaahhhhhhh maaaaan.  so gnarly.  (btdubs, i LOVED in the ’80’s when people said gnarly, and rad, & let’s not forget RADICAL).  let’s totally catch the next 10 footer…. just joshin’.  but it seemed appropes. (short for appropriate, get with the program, yo).

i still want to get a bike basket, preferrably this one:

basket i love

and, what bike would truly be complete without a bell?

so, with a little coaxing of her paint colors too (if you know that yellow and blue do NOT go together, then we can still be friends) – GO GREEN, she will be ship shape for crusing.  but, i do ride her already.  she’s swell. (like that wave brah!)

and that is one of the bikes that i enjoy riding now & again.  i will show you a little post soon about Chili.  She is rl’s other girlfriend.  no seriously. 🙂

get out there and pedal people!  or should i say to myself…GO!

is this a random post?  yep.

is it thursday?  you betcha!  happy happy my friends!  tomorrow is friday & i’m WAY tubular about it.

bike bell found here    bike basket found here

true devotion, the five hour pie, & cold toes

this is a bit of a random post. but, since it is technically after midnight as i’m typing this, that’s okay – qualify it as a random thought thursday, wouldja?

it’s also okay that i am baking a pie right now, my very first strawberry rhubarb to be exact. my grandma Francek’s recipe. i try to remember my sweet, loving grandma in all the best ways possible. by always being stubborn when i know i’m right, and by trying to make her most delicious homemade foods. we have enjoyed spaghetti pie, i’ve yet to learn about how to really make her bread, and tonight i’m attempting her homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.
it has so far taken me five hours. because i made homemade crust too. and because i shopped twice for the rhubarb, and the checkout dude didn’t know what it was when i bought it. win win. let’s pump some knowledge up in heeeeere.
now, i’m not a baker. but i yearn to bake pies. all kinds of pies. i would love it to be a relaxing, mellowing type of baking.  the flour, the wistful thinking, the apron that is so dear.
ENTER::The Pioneer Woman
she, The Pioneer Woman, is a blogger. big time. has two cookbooks, and a TV show with the Food Network.
me, i am a blogger. little peanuts. have three cookbooks(that i didn’t author), and have a TV, and no cable currently.
we, TOGETHER, will teach me how to stop being such a klutz with dough, crust and meringue (whatever exactly that is).

i’ve already told you about how i cooked 4 lbs. of macaroni noodles while trying to make PW’s homemade mac and cheese. that folks, is CLASSIC babs (me).  right?

but, alas tonight, i was willing to forget said flub of recipe, because i forgot to buy the box of crust to make the pie. oy vey. another CLASSIC babs move.
and, since my toes are about 21 degrees below zero at the moment, when i realized this (it’s only because in Michigan, you can get sunburned one weekend, and worry about your plants dying due to frost TWO weekends later!), i decided that a trip to the store was out of the question. plus, sometimes after a long commute home, i’m lazy.
the true devotion part: i just finished listening to the book True Devotion by Dee Henderson on CD in my car(oh, i hope that’s her name, the CD book thing is in my car and i’m serious – it is LEGITIMATELY freezing outside), not only do i know i earned cool points telling you i am making my dad proud with B.O.CD’s , it made me think of rl.
because, the real reason that i’m up this late mom, is that i needed to use the rhubarb (it spoils kinda quickly), & i love pie, & i love rl.

now that, is true devotion – braving the elements, lack of sleep, and of course tasting it first to make sure i don’t poison him!  and his true devotion to me is cleaning the kitchen mess with no dishwasher.

the end.

random thought thursday:: why linner edition

Steak Sandwich picture courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

1.  we have brunch.  it’s great, and when my older sister worked at casa lupita (may it rest in delicious best-Mexican-food-ever peace), we rocked out a few family brunches.

2.  we have a “late” lunch.  huh?

3.  we have an “early” dinner.  wah?

4.  why do we not have a linner


5.  why, you ask?  because we can’t just treat brunch like it’s the queen bee of meals, and treat linner like the leftover forgotten about the now cold appetizer from last night’s party that you were supposed to wrap up, or clean up (yuck).

6. i like to eat, and i’d like to invent a time-table meal.  as in, too late for lunch? just in time for linner.  no time for table settings and fancy desserts?  linner is your winner winner, chicken dinn-whoops!  see, already mistreating the poor old gal.

7.  because for the umpteenth recipe that you’ve printed/”pinned”/pined over on your sister-in-law’s neighbor’s blog, you just want something NOW.

8.  linner can solve the problem of what’s for this time that is slightly before dinner or a smidge after, or in my case, my-love-works-a-completely-different-time-than-i-and-i-don’t-wanna-eat-alone time?  in the case of linner, i can rock out a linner appropriate outfit, and invite some pals, ala Sex and the City with a simple “linner y’all?”  group text.

9.  btw, I am the Carrie (just cuz of the fabulous frizzy hair).  Smile  without all the HBO-rated stuff, and because occasionally i wear ridiculously colorful outfits.

10.  because right now, my stomach is grumbling, and linner is sounding faboosh!

11.  because it just sounds cool.  and at linner, you can drink a mojito or gingerbeam, and no one will judge you, since it’s after noon, and before dinner.  (in case you’re into that kinda thing).

linner for peace, linner with friends, linner forever!

ps.  when i asked rl what should i use as a photo for linner, he said without hesitation:  steak sandwich.  may it be noted that i’ve never made him a steak sandwich and now feel obligated to live up to Pioneer Woman’s unrealistic goals for my honey’s appetite.  oh  boy, here we go!

random thought thursday: celebrity dinner party

the guest list:
zooey deschanel  :  drew barrymore  :  jessica simpson  :  tori spelling  :  the pioneer woman  :  ellen page  :    wanda sykes  :  kate hudson  :  keri russell  :  liv tyler  :  whitney cummings  :  reese witherspoon  :  maya angelou  :  lauren graham  :  melissa mccarthy  :  jewel  :  sheryl crow  :  sherri shepherd  :  amy poehler  :  ellen degeneres  :

we’d talk about being famous, paparazzi, & how we hate when US Weekly compares us with Who Wore It Best.

i’d serve something scrumptious from pw’s cookbooks, simple. homemade. devine.

we’d retire to my moroccan themed patio, and sip on mojitos ( i mean diet mojitos), joking about how nice it is that our nannies could watch the kids/dogs/iguanas for the week, while we perused the sites of diane von furstenberg, anthropologie & nordstrom, buying up a storm, not a thought to the prices. & how karl lagerfield really needs to lay off on the tanning situation.

then, as we tweeted & clucked the night away, they would tell me how wonderful it is to have such a down-to-earth friend.  one who can shimmy with the best, & still loves a good campfire in the chimenea, and have i met their trainer yet?  he is the BEST.

we’d give hugs & promises to return to tori’s house for a reunion sooner-rather-than-later, & we’d discuss how to keep in touch better.

if only i were a celebrity, & these women could be my friends (*oh, and i may need to be famous, and live in nyc, la or another faboosh city).

sure, i might have a better wardrobe, a personal chef (heck, i’d settle for a dishwasher), a shoe collection worthy of a museum.



i wouldn’t have stories about going to eat in our pj’s on a lady sunday afternoon, countless laughter fits about who-only-knows-what, & pics of us in dozens of bathrooms this side of the mississippi where we curiously covered our double chins (okay, that was just me).  i wouldn’t know their stories, inside & out, of first loves, of boys that should be banned from memories, cars that were dangerously cool, & late night study/snack-fests.  or their family histories, nephews’ names, stories that became my own story.

in other words, i couldn’t be friends with all of those celebs above, because my heart is so full with the wonderful ladies that i choose to call my friends, that i simply don’t have enough room.

so, instead of wanting a skinnier body to clothe, a fancier checking account total (although an all-healthy-full-fridge-all-the-time remains a dream), or an iguana, i’ll keep my hard earned, true blue girlfriends that i’ve collected, some i’ve known for a few years, some a decade.  (a few even longer).

because no matter what kind of envy i do suffer from on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis, it is never one of friends.

they’ve laughed with me, at me, & cried for me & in front of me.

they are beautiful, & they can’t be compared, because instead of a celebrity, i wannabe like them.  moral:  friends.  i got ’em.  i’m keeping ’em.  and no mega-watt  superstar person is ever going to compare to my girlfriends. (although let’s be serious, if drew barrymore ever asked to hang out, she’d be in the circle ASAP, but she’s the only one).  🙂

enjoy your friends today!  tell them that they make your world better!  to all my girlfriends:  you know who you are, let’s grab a mojito soon, & thanks for being you!

**  drew’s pic source

random thought thursday:: the random edition

1. i am on the precipice of losing my cool at work. please pray that my patience pants are available to wear.

2. i saw on my drive into work today: several wild turkeys, 2 sand hill cranes (such majestic creatures!!), robins, horses, squirrels, crows, miniature horses, swans, farm ducks & regular ducks.  i felt like i was in a wonderful movie version of an outdoor adventure in which i’m a vet, & get to talk to animals all day.

3.  i un-intentionally wore blue & orange today for the Detroit Tigers Opening Day!  Bless you Boys!

4.  i renewed my license today (a week or so late – don’t judge!), & it was the swiftest, loveliest transaction where the counter woman asked about where all my hair went.  we discussed that i have plenty of months to grow out my winter hair, but she did mention that she liked it how it was.  🙂

5.  i think deer are popular again along with their buddies, the hoot-erific owls due to their polka dots.  They are so HAWT.  in my humble opinion, polka dots should always be in, right Lulu? (wink)

6.  i drank biggby coffee today.  so it’s a good day because of that alone.

7.  seven is one of my favorite numbers, & i’m really hoping to finish some decorating/crafting this weekend, and FINALLY make something to sell in my upcoming etsy shop.

just keepin it random for ya!  ta ta for now!

random thought thursday:: veronica edition

today is thursday, and is another day for me to pay tribute to something i love, or more appropriately described, another way for me to ramble.

the letter v.

in my humble opinion, the letter should be used more often.  i don’t often encounter having to use it, as often as i’d like.  oh you vermont-ers, you lucky ducks, you are so (v) blessed!

some really great ‘v’ words:

vernacular is a spectacular word. vvvvvernacular. it just sounds cool.

velocipede…this is actually an old fashioned bicycle. i may have to change my bike’s name to veronica the velocipede.

vagabond . . . is well, another word to describe me.  but i do shower.  🙂

wanderlusting vagabond

for some reason the next word that is coming to mind is a velociraptor…who was perhaps a dino riding a bike.  (giggle giggle)

that’s all the v i can muster now, i don’t want to get all verklempt on you ala Mike Meyers in Saturday Night Live’s Coffee Talk.

talk amoungst yourselves…

wanderlusting vagabond seeks svnshine

happy thvrsday!

** also, if you prefer to read your blogs or sites via the Google Reader option, I have added a button up top (left-hand side) to help you follow along here!  Thanks again for reading.  Your support is what keeps me writing. **

random thought thursday: what about vitamin f?

werd to your vitamins

1.  why is there no vitamin F or G, or H or I or J for that matter? or is there?  scientists, medical staff and vitamin store employees, please weigh in.

2.  and why does vitamin b get it’s own subcatergories?  b6, b12, probably more than ‘b’eets the eye.  huh?

2.5  here is my official shout out to all the groundhogs out there.  HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!  WHAT WHAT!!?!!  🙂 if you are lost, please note, there is a slight obsession i hold with the waddly little critters, and no, i don’t own a cattle herd, and, yes, i do know what kind of damage they do.  but seriously, they rock.  check out my first shout out to them  i ♥ groundhogs.

3.  a friend recently told me that vitamin d is fat soluble.  i misunderstood her, and heard it as “if you ingest too much vitamin d, you will be fat.”  and i’m not having any of that.  trying to lose weight here people.  so i didn’t take my extra vitamin d.  and now they are lost somewhere in our couch.  true story. * found them, along with a rebel skittle or two.

4.  i can’t believe i had so much to say about vitamins.

5.  the i love lucy episode with vita-meata-vegamin is a classic.  look it up, it will make your day.

6.  my mom loves i love lucy, and she and my aunt lulu refer to themselves as lucy and ethel.  not sure who is who in that one.

7.  seven is one of my favorite numbers.  so are 22, 77 and 3.  but if you really know me, you know my favorite number is 18.

18.   also, happy birthday to kate c. (my brother-in-law’s sister), hope it’s magical!

ps.  there is no medical backing nor investigative reporting done on the above mentioned subjects.  just my thoughts people.  and they are RANDOM.

random thought thursday:: holiday edition

fun image above from this here design*sponge blog

1.  what is a nog?  like egg nog?  noggin?  what eggsactly do eggs have to do with nogs?  great word. “hey you nooooogggggssss” (goonies, anyone, anyone?) 🙂

moving on.

2.  why is it called mistletoe?  it hangs above your head.  do they look like toes?  let’s discuss.

3.  what if my name would have been betsy.  or juniper?  would my life have been different?  would people have perceived me differently?  would i work on a russian space station? 

4.  i am convinced that tumblr is for people much more adept to be cool than i.  because i don’t exactly know what it is.  or why they forgot the e.

just my thoughts people.  on a thursday.  it’s random.  it’s called random thought thursday for a reason.  see, some of it makes sense.