no reward, but a hug:: random thought thu-wed-rsday

missing: : :

**cute orange scarf, owner will not pay with money, but a hug if found**

i lost my orange scarf.

orange is one of my favorite colors.  probably because it is happy.  cheerful.  orange.

i drive an orange saturn vue.

her name is sunny.  seriously.  i like to name stuff.

yellow and purple are my other favorite colors.

and now that snow is here, and the michigan winter will commence,

i miss that woven scarf.  it doesn’t look like this one, but this is cute, and made in the mitten…

i found this one on etsy:

maybe it’s at my parent’s house.

hope so.  will you check your winter scarf stash for my missing comfort?  need it today, especially today.

random thought thursday v.3

my hair before….

1.  it’s thursday. i did approximately 7 loads of laundry yesterday, and did not put any of it away. i am not kelly ripa in that one commercial with the colorful washer and dryer.

2.  the word : microelectromechanical.
it is REALLY long. i had to type it for work. that may seem like i am a scientist.
i work at a publishing company. i like to write and i love art. someday, i hope to combine these two, and hopefully the word microelectromechanical will not be in my vocabulary in doing so.

3.  i recently cut lots of inches off of my hair. i wish i would’ve known how much so i could’ve donated it. IT WAS THAT MUCH. 😦 sad that it went to waste. Please note: if you are my hairdresser, and your name is Amanda, please cut my hair more slowly, as it was a little scary how fast it fell.

4.  i hate criticizing people for cutting my hair. it’s curly, i know it’s hard to cut.

5.  this seems like a good place to end, and i don’t like pictures of myself. (i am working on it).

my hair after….. 

i hope your day is/was lovely, and you remember that even if it takes EXTRA prompting from your INNER self today … you are BEAUTIFUL>>>> We All Are.



random thought thursday: kumquats


1. i like kumquats. not the taste (never tasted one), but the look.

little. orange. cute. what’s not to like?

2. i will have a party one day in my life where kumquats are a part of the decoration. i saved a catalog clipping.

hey, at least i have some decisions made.

3. why doesn’t jellybelly (special trademark symbol here) make a kumquat jellybean? maybe because i heard they taste bad? (but black licorice tastes bad too).   just a thought.

happy thursday my friends,



random thought thursday v.1

in an attempt to make some of you smile (all 3 that may read this), i am starting my very first series…random thought thursday.

*disclaimer: this may or may not always appear on a thursday…i would like to leave it open to when my mind needs to wander, although hopefully, they will all be at least entertaining…and so the name is just because i like being alliterative.
2. randy in all forms is my favorite name to spell, the possibilities are endless! 

so, without further ado…

9.15.2011 – random thought thursday – v. 1

if i owned a very expensive (very awesome camera) with a zoom option, i would take lots of pictures of the following:

1. alex reece’s (boyfriend’s daughter) eyes (she also picked out her own blog nickname)

2. a.reece’s eyelashes (insanely long, not going to need to wear ANY mascara), supremely breathtaking.

3. groundhogs or woodchucks (whatever you may choose to call them).

okay, that’s it for today….stayed tuned for more posts (hopefully) and definitely more random thought thursdays


***i like to always take my own photos and such, however, on random thought thursdays, i may be sourcing out, since my camera is not-so-lovely, and i am (sadly), not a great photographer.  this pic above is also my fantasy football mascot, our team name is the rhandeigh name pickers.***

Have a LOVELY day!