random thought thursday:: non hippie edition

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i had some braised kale tonight that was honestly better than the mashed potatoes they shared a plate with. insane. and it was the first time i ate kale! i feel like i should be receiving my membership to “Fad Foods of Yesterday”, since kale has been hip FOREVER according to hippies….and yet, i’m a self-proclaimed hippie, and haven’t ever had kale until tonight? what????

note to self: must check and recheck my Hippie Guidelines list.

Said list includes but not limited to: buy reusable bags to use for groceries, forget to use them, buy more, make own deodorant, eat granola, shower every third day…UMMMM, apparently I am not a hippie. newsflash! ūüôā

i kinda already knew that i wasn’t a real hippie, as i have never had any interest in going to, following, or reliving anything to do with the Grateful Dead. besides, Ben Harper and old Dave Matthews are enjoyable without any mood altering substances, and no weird dancing bears are involved. the bears kinda scare me. no offense if Jerry Garcia was your jam, man! he rocked! he just wasn’t my main jam, man. ūüôā

i also must point out that as a psuedo-hippie, i don’t know how to let stuff go with the flow anymore, because frankly, i am not sure which flow i am supposed to follow. or unfollow, or like or friend, or poke, or snap with the chat. GAH. makeitstopsometimes.

i totally and absolutely am on board with technology. IF … we can take a break once in a while, and go swimming (right¬†now in the mitten, we can ski or snowboard, or practice the delicate art of not freezing our asses off – i mean, sorry for swearing but this winter has STUNK as far as temps and snowfall), or macrame a plant holder for our doula. ūüėČ

but, i do advocate loving ALL people. each one of them. no matter what they wear, who they listen to, or what kind of psychedelic bears they find fascinating. so, hippie points earned back. right on man (said with Matthew McConaughey’s voice) AND, thankfully for a.r. and r.l., i do shower daily, because that IS how i roll. except when i’m camping, which is a whole ‘nother post entirely:: hippie in her element. (picture me talking to every animal, because, well, i LOVE every animal, and ALMOST every bug, living thing, etc).

i feel like this type of post is kinda like you getting the backstage pass to the willy wonka land of my brain, and all it’s psuedo/real hippie loving ways. sure i have non hippie confrontational moments, where i need a room filled with pillows so i can thrash about like a weirdly flexible robot, but thankfully those are few and far between. ūüôā don’t you wish we could have a room like that available for when we are about to lose our marbles or kindness, and can just bounce around? it would probably make us laugh and cause fewer accidents on Woodward, right? and then we would bust a gut, hug it out, and share some ice cream in general merriment about being our awesome selves. because kind folks, i believe we are all awesome. so, somebody invent that weird pillow robot flailing room, okay? and SOON. i gots cabin fever, and i gots it B-A-D.

this post brought to you by #41 (which is one of Dave Matthews’ best songs, although my favorite song he ever wrote was the Christmas Song).

peace in whatever or wherever you call home, homies.

your psuedo hippie,


one earthly year


you don’t need to throw something away for it to be lost forever.
take leggings. they came back, right? and i¬†thought they only existed in Madonna’s closet or the local goodwill.¬† what about trash? does it truly ever go away? does it make it to the place where we never see/smell/touch it again?¬† what about those clothes that you toss out when they have a teeny hole, and can’t be¬†worn in public anymore. tosstown? uh, no!¬† why not try to make a rag out of it? new duster? (i¬†am firm believer in dusting, although that doesn’t mean i ACTUALLY dust).
what about making a reusable grocery bag out of your favorite frat shirt.¬† send me your scraps, and i’ll¬†make a fun scarf out of your lovely patterns and out-dated garbs.¬†what about your books?¬† donate them to your local library so someone else can enjoy.

and, most importantly, what about our paper and plastic waste? the glossy ads we get in the mail? garbagecantown? uh, try again. RECYCLE those amazing Tweety Bird check order forms, they do not need to take up residence in the landfill, nor in your junk drawer.

now, i¬†am not trying to be¬†a self-righteous person here.¬† i¬†am just thinking though…if we all decided that we were going to reuse that plastic silverware that came with the taco bell “meat”y gordita meal, we are saving it from going to dumpsville.¬† and nobody likes dumpsville, except internet dating sites.

so, i¬†was hoping, since this is my one year anniversary post of my little blog that is about being lovely, that we should make a better effort – to laugh and be light, and to WASTE LESS.¬† i¬†am not lovely always, or forever,¬†or even for a month or week¬†straight.¬† but, then i¬†decide that having a dance¬†party in the family room to Beethoven IS more important than having no fun at all (read: doing dishes, and yes, eventually they get wershed), and maybe looking like a “weirdo” at work for washing and reusing my plastic utensils a few times is awesome.

i start to remember that even though there is terrible, tragic, unthinkable sadness always happening around me, i do not need to have it be ALL that i think about.  i dream of one day owning a horse (name undetermined); a black and white cow, named Patches; a bison named Faux; and three (unnamed as of yet) dogs; perhaps a rabbit and definitely some chickens, but mostly, i dream of  .  .  .  land. 

but, i¬†won’t really OWN the land you see.¬† i¬†own my dreams, but my future is not guaranteed, unless i choose to¬†make a BETTER NOW.

the land we see, the land we love, the land from here to there….(insert patriotic flag waving here), it is¬†NOT OURS to OWN.¬† we live here.¬† we work the land, but, my friends, we don’t get to invest it in the local credit union and earn interest.¬† but, we get to see things like this:


and being able to see things like this are a PRIVILEGE.¬†¬†we won’t have this privilege forever, we won’t be¬†seeing these colors for eternity if we throw out “useless” stuff.¬† we are consumers, i¬†get that.¬† what i am proposing is we consume what is freely ours to see.¬† to touch.¬† to walk around and love.¬† are you excited about farmer’s markets?¬† about supporting your local town and reducing the carbons?¬† about helping everyone, including our beautiful planet?¬† walk somewhere, ride a bike, skateboard (but wear a helmet y’all), make a piece of art out of something you would’ve tossed.

when was the last time you went for a bike ride?  you felt the wind in your hair and knew that there could be no better feeling than flying along the path to wheeeeeee?

i¬†got a beachcruiser¬†style bike for my birthday, her name is stella, and i¬†couldn’t be more excited to take her EVERYWHERE.¬†¬†i am planning on decking¬†her out with a mailbox, a basket, a mirror, and bell.

there is a super cool website that i’m¬†going to try in my new town, called freecycle, found at www.freecycle.org.¬† try it with me, eh?¬†

waste less, want less, more LOVE to give and more BEAUTY to see

… so, please today, and every day ~ be forever lovely and let’s go!¬†

a powerful quote about our earth, and it’s care-taking:¬†

‚ô• “when the last tree has been cut down, when the last river been poisoned,¬†¬†when the last fish been caught, and all the air is unsafe to breathe, ¬†only then will we realize we cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Indian Proverb ‚ô•

pictures taken by barbara l. francek and ryan s. lund



recipe for blf:

one heaping spoonful of oversensitivity

one pinch patience

one teensy, tiny dash of o.c.d.

one huge wallop of hormones

one squeeze of self-righteousness

one insanely huge hand-full of guilt for being self-righteous/not perfect

one bottle of purple, one yellow, one orange

eighty-seven ounces of humor, both with and against myself

forty-two thousand cups of love

add some curls and a friend crush on drew barrymore

sift in tons of spirituality and love for God

plus eighteen Millionmililiters of who-what-why-am-i-this-way?

and you have

a showeringhippie
















what is your recipe?

what does your recipe need?

face to face time? yoga? volunteering? selflessness? patience? love? assurance?

if you could behold any thing or place without anything holding you back, what would you do? make? be?


there is reason for your pain.  there is no suffering in vain. 

we each must speak our part to share the beat of others hearts. 

we need to know that what is inside us is worth our best effort.  IT IS.  there are fields of buttercups and sunflowers waiting for us beyond each hurt, enticing us to trek on, to move forward, and we must.  WE MUST.  do this trekking we must.

i am eternally chasing that kite string that will lift me beyond my fears, my doubts, and insecurities.  to view the sky as it is splendidly painted before me.  but maybe what is missing, and why my feet are so planted and molasses-y is why i need to stay here.  to make it right, to do what’s best.  to love so unconditionally that it overwhelms those around me, and they think of nothing but LOVE KINDNESS PEACE when they picture my face, or hear my voice.  that they know nothing of my tears, and pain, and sadness.  they only see the lovely sunbursts; the tangerine dreams.  that they are soaked with the turquoise waves of pure joy that i want to exude.  maybe i am just not running fast enough but strolling slowly enough to let the love expand my being so that i am one with the earth and its people and creatures that are such a essential part of my recipe.  like a human spongebob squarepants full of love. 

we will always chase the kite string, and we will always be chasing that string, and the frolic we inherently partake in, will be the best yet, as long as we remember, we are all chasing the same string, and we must be kind to each other on our journey.  always.

there is no recipe for this life, you must adjust.  make it your own.  there is no food photographer/prepper to come spray your life to unrealistic visual representations.  there will be fire alarms that go off when you burn the grilled cheese(likeme), but there will also be 4-tiered cakes of beauty and sugar frosting.  there is a timer though, for this life. don’t wait.  haste not my friends.  we are hungry for your truth Рyour best recipe.  tweak as necessary.  add a few, take a few away. be lovely, and you will have delicious recipes and i KNOW you will rise to perfection.

♥ ♥ ♥ quote from an aspring cook (me):

do not knead others, NEED them. ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

plant the seed, and the tree will grow . . . with help

happy earth day, one and all!

we all need the sunshine

hello!  welcome to be forever lovely!   please remember, this is a place to leave more happy than when you arrived.  i am trying to figure out how we can all be forever lovely by taking the experiences of every day, every moment, every whisper, and treating it as if we will be remembered by those moments.  to leave the people, the places and the things we encounter, more lovely than when we first discovered them.   be forever lovely.

act 1:

the trees are there to remind us.

we all start small.

we all need nurturing.

the winds, the rain.

we will develop differently than our fellow leaves.

we will survive winters. 

we will endure.

winters when our leaves should not have grown,

our buds may not have sprouted. 

where we question who we are as trees,

what our roots mean,

where are¬†the¬†crisp green, yellow, pink, white –

where have all our cells hidden?

where are the buds, the fragrant, magnificent buds of buttercup buds?

we grow forth.  we flourish.

we will occasionally feel the sunshine in our bark,

we will ache and sway for the sunshine

 as the ice queen depletes our sap supply

until we no longer recognize ourselves.

we grow strong.  we encourage.

then, just as suddenly as we feel helpless, unruly, unused –

at last! we hear the sweet chirps of spring. 

of new. 

of yesterday-sunshine;

years ago it seems we felt its warmth. 

we have made it into another season of peace,


laughing in the wind to the joke that all others know. 

we are triumphant.

there is some rain,

however Р                                      


more buds, then sunshine.

we cherish the rain.

the trees are there to remember.

they are there to remind.

they teach us that everyone,

no matter the roots, nor size, or species,

thick, cracking, peeling, fresh, dewy bark,

no matter the essence,

that we need sunshine.

we all need the sunshine.

we all flourish better in the unabashed, freespirited, sunshine.

we all want the sunshine. 

spread the sunshine to those around you, by being forever lovely. 

always, and forever, be forever lovely. ‚ô•

and now a quote from a lovely poet to leave your day lovely. . .

‚ô• happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. we are happy when we are growing – William Butler Yeats ‚ô•