s’more laughter please

(a real scene between my sweet stepdaughter and her friend, and their first sleepover at our house) l:  don’t roast it so close to the flame. you will burn it! a:  but i want it gooey like yours! (sticks giant marshmallow closer to flame). l: (examining a‘s form closely) watch it!…here, let me show you…Continue reading “s’more laughter please”

give B E F O R E you leave

we cannot take a car. nor a boat. scooters aren’t even valid. where we go after we are gone is forever. we can bring love. memories of laughter and light. mental pictures of joy, joy, joy.   possessions stay here. when it is we will float upon the entry of our souls to whereverafter weContinue reading “give B E F O R E you leave”

perfect blooms

{we cannot all be perfect blooms ~                                                                     but  all “weeds” are lovely sometimes.                                                               be forever yourself.  be forever courageous. be forever lovely}.  ~ barbara lynn francek ~

maybe it doesn’t…

maybe it doesn’t need to be grand. maybe it doesn’t need flowers and sugary chocolate (that, let’s face it, is not much chocolate at all, but tastes darn go-oops, stay on point. sorry, su-su-sugar high). maybe it doesn’t need a plane-writing sky-scraping gi-nourmous-ness to it. maybe it doesn’t need a tiny little box and anContinue reading “maybe it doesn’t…”

choices.over.voices.(rise above)

choices over voices: of others of doubts of uncontrollable elements of disbelief. make this the day that you choose to be lovely, over the voice of simply following what everyone else is doing.  i hope you take crooked paths and unplowed trails. i hope you discover within yourself what is uncomfortable and go forth with it.  pushContinue reading “choices.over.voices.(rise above)”

your beauty lies within what you are

your beauty lies within what you are.  it cannot change, and will not waver. you may not be able to touch it, but it is there. what it is you seek shall be in you from the beginning. and it shall be. it shall be. love yourself for what you have been given. nurture thoseContinue reading “your beauty lies within what you are”