i feel so small sometimes….

… because i am. i am learning that i need to edit more of me each day. take out the sour, include the sweet. exclude the negative, include the positive. i must not edit God. i must let Him edit me. i feel so small sometimes, & that is because i am. so is theContinue reading “i feel so small sometimes….”

turkey is not the only thing.

jesus. coffee, sometimes with sugar, always with cream. the sky at dusk. snuggly socks. the warmth of the spring sunshine. rock and roll. cheese vendor at the farmer’s market. patterns in fabric. color. motorcycle rides. aromatherapy. friends who know me inside and out. family who loves me inside and out. spilling guts to strangers. kindContinue reading “turkey is not the only thing.”

love, in all its complications.

i often forget that it takes work. like every relationship that i’ve ever had. he didn’t take out the garbage. she didn’t call me back. he’ll regret that he forgot to tell me about that one day. hurmphphmp. but do i stop loving those folks for those little things? do i cease to think ofContinue reading “love, in all its complications.”

push on

sometimes your keyboard is a bit too sticky. perhaps that is your truth. or maybe your tires, or your days seem flat. perhaps you have forgotten what life without hard work looks like. or perhaps you need to work harder, like i’m feeling. maybe you need a break. a rest from the busy, or aContinue reading “push on”

my horizon is my hope

i can hear the rumbles, but it cannot scare me away this time. i feel the mist, and yet, i am not affected. nothing can stop this exhilaration of hope. i am able to do hard things through one person here, & the Greatest One Ever. me, & Him. with work & FAITH. He hasContinue reading “my horizon is my hope”

share your blooms

if you have a gift, you are given that gift by the Creator to share. you may be funny like ellen degeneres. you may be kind like mother teresa. you may be joyful like a child after scoring their first goal. whatever it may be, it MATTERS. a strong voice for the needy, a gentleContinue reading “share your blooms”

the breath of freedom

the curtains take in deep breaths, as if they know i need to. the hum of the day, the dusk settling in, my lap warmed by the addictive portal. i speak of kindness, of loving your neighbor, but it is more than that. we must love our words too. protect them fiercely, know that theyContinue reading “the breath of freedom”

genesis in the blossoms

the long winter has warmed. our sweet Spring has stored her winter blanket for anew. the brown, crisp grasses have given way to new growth.  green hope. this life is meant for twirling your skirt in the sun, and recovering the roots of spirit, with dirty fingertips. i embrace this time with a straw hat,Continue reading “genesis in the blossoms”

beckon to the ivory arch

what will heaven look like? what will be revealed? what songs will envelope our tear free hugs of zeal? when the sun of life is setting, sprinkling grace along each day, when will we remember, that heaven is the only way? when the bluebird song is whispered, when the angels lead our march, when theContinue reading “beckon to the ivory arch”