after hope


how you carry on after hope spoken:
you struggle.
you weep.
you laugh.
then you start.

i have never been good at finishing things. not work related things i get those finished for sure, but personal goal things.
i paint & hammer.
i cut & organize.
i disrupt myself for yet ANOTHER great idea.
to no end, with no flourishing in site.
i plant, but i forget to water.
i construct, & i forget to double check.
i ease into the OH WELL, way to easily.

& it must stop, for i want to finish this DREAM that the LORD HAS PLACED UPON MY HEART. to make things, create art, share words, & ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO LOVE EACH OTHER MORE FULLY.

i’m sorry that i haven’t written to you all in so long. i’m filled to the brim with activities, and it leaves me thirstier than when i started. i have plans for this space when i’m able. i really do. i miss the comments, and sweet gestures about what i share on here. and most importantly i miss you all. it has been a CRAZY busy year for me so far. i got a new (more than part time) job, i got engaged in june, have been pursuing my graphic design degree (for an associates, because mama ain’t got time for another bachelors), and have been cheering on my favorite girl in every game i am able to attend, (both softball & volleyball)! overall i realized that life does not stop just because you’re in love, and need to work out. HRUMUMPHPPHPH. 😉

but, i’m so overjoyed that RL and i will be official later this year, that i have {almost} figured out how to use the pen tool in my programs, and that my sweet AR will be by my side on the day i marry her dad. i hope your fingers are staying warm, and more importantly, that you know how much you are loved by me, and by your Creator. Rest in that peace today friends. and send hot chocolate if you can.