random thought thursday:: ranunculus edition

ranunculus. is the plural ranunculaii??   i am obsessed & want to grow some this year. i keep seeing people post pictures of their gorgeous blue mason jars full of a bouquet of them. where do you buy them in bouquets? trader joes? farmer’s markets?  where??? (i am desperately seeking ranunculussssessssss.) source i am obsessed,Continue reading “random thought thursday:: ranunculus edition”

a grand opening

my friend Colleen is opening up her vintage clothing and housewares shop, has been planning it for weeks, and she is opening it tonight! so please spread some joy, and check out the details below. follow her here on instagram, where she’ll be having her opening shop sale! yahoo! i’m so proud of her. (http://instagram.com/colleen_de_luxe_vintage#)

beckon to the ivory arch

what will heaven look like? what will be revealed? what songs will envelope our tear free hugs of zeal? when the sun of life is setting, sprinkling grace along each day, when will we remember, that heaven is the only way? when the bluebird song is whispered, when the angels lead our march, when theContinue reading “beckon to the ivory arch”


of joy: our little guinea pig Gus, who is growing day by day, and snuggle by snuggle. of filling up the soul: john blase’s words, are inspired.  simply inspired. find his words here of note: beautiful artist/singer miranda dodson, whom i heard originally on npr. stunning. of sight: of my ever changing michigan.  she isContinue reading “sprinkles”

blueprint :: the Kitchens

:: the idea man :: my papa was a builder.  brick by brick he planned the great structures he would erect in the metro detroit area.  he and his brothers became known for their quality of workmanship.  they have a few local Detroit landmarks from their years with the DMKitchen Building Co. but, in myContinue reading “blueprint :: the Kitchens”

please… enjoy it!

the thing about life is, it can be stressful.  it can be downright unfair.  it can be sickish, and dirty, and grumpy, and disgusting, and mean. BUT…sometimes it can be fun.  it can be light.  it can be hilarious, and lovely, and comforting, right down to the joy at getting some new awesome mittens. takeContinue reading “please… enjoy it!”

Confidence Can :: Cook!

One of the many things I need help with is cooking!  I have a few foodie friends who I am always asking for new and delicious recipes, and my lovely friend Ellen S. was gracious enough to be the first contributor to the Confidence Can series.  YAHOOSKI!  I couldn’t be more blessed or proud toContinue reading “Confidence Can :: Cook!”

words from the heart of a teacher

“I don’t usually post anything like this on Facebook, but I just am feeling like I need to say this. It has been a hard couple of days for so many reasons. As a mother and a Kindergarten teacher to 25 amazing 5 & 6 year olds, it is so difficult to comprehend this tragedy.Continue reading “words from the heart of a teacher”