grace for the winged ones

CRACK! the poor bird smacks its beak into the window.  CRACK!  again.  why won’t that teeny thing just open it’s eyes?  why won’t it look?  doesn’t it see what’s right in front of it? it is never about me.  nor should it be.  but, even though sometimes it hurts,  i am the pane that GodContinue reading “grace for the winged ones”

frizzy hippie gets fit – volume one

hi. i am frizzy hippie.  this is what i really look like.  no photoshop, no editing wonders, no instagram lovelieness: i am very overweight.  i am unhealthy.  i don’t move enough.  and i want to change. i ate fruit and a granola bar for breakfast.  that’s a start, right? i want to be a runner. Continue reading “frizzy hippie gets fit – volume one”

a reminder for us all

my friend Rebecca saved this for me. it came from her chocolate treat. i thought i would share, and remind you all of this truth: no matter your waist size, your marital status, your skin condition, your career, your age, etc., etc., etc… you are special, you have worth, your value is priceless, you makeContinue reading “a reminder for us all”

a new kind to try

your story is not ordinary if it’s your story.  because, you are not ordinary, if you’re you. trying on my uniqueness, as i’ve finally come home to it.  and it feels raw, novel, a bit too loosey goosey still, & absolutely, refreshingly, nice.   and to quote one of my favorites ~ “it takes courageContinue reading “a new kind to try”