one of my favorite old pictures of you, and your gap-toothed smile…

i am so thankful you were born today, eleven years ago.

i am so thankful that you came into my life, almost 7 years ago.

i am so thankful that you love me.

words, and pictures, and even all the ice cream in the whole wide world that hasn’t even been made yet, cannot explain how happy and blessed i am to be your stepmama.

nothing can compare it.  not even close.  (not even biggby coffee)

i am so thankful that even though we don’t share dna, that you take up all of the cells of my heart, and more. because that means that every time my heart beats, it knows you’re in there. you fill up all the extra spaces that were empty, just by being lovely, stunning, smartypants, athletic, caring, wonderful you.

happy birthday a. reese.

i love you more than you-know-what,

random thought thursday v.1

in an attempt to make some of you smile (all 3 that may read this), i am starting my very first series…random thought thursday.

*disclaimer: this may or may not always appear on a thursday…i would like to leave it open to when my mind needs to wander, although hopefully, they will all be at least entertaining…and so the name is just because i like being alliterative.
2. randy in all forms is my favorite name to spell, the possibilities are endless! 

so, without further ado…

9.15.2011 – random thought thursday – v. 1

if i owned a very expensive (very awesome camera) with a zoom option, i would take lots of pictures of the following:

1. alex reece’s (boyfriend’s daughter) eyes (she also picked out her own blog nickname)

2. a.reece’s eyelashes (insanely long, not going to need to wear ANY mascara), supremely breathtaking.

3. groundhogs or woodchucks (whatever you may choose to call them).

okay, that’s it for today….stayed tuned for more posts (hopefully) and definitely more random thought thursdays


***i like to always take my own photos and such, however, on random thought thursdays, i may be sourcing out, since my camera is not-so-lovely, and i am (sadly), not a great photographer.  this pic above is also my fantasy football mascot, our team name is the rhandeigh name pickers.***

Have a LOVELY day!