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That right there is a good looking cup of coffee, right? Thanks sis for the jealousy I feel toward your coffee delight. 🙂

I’d love to further this page, these words within me, and this movement of equal love for all that I feel so strongly about. I don’t have any sponsors on my blog, or have ever made a penny from my words (in fact it costs me money to keep my site up), but I’d love to earn a few bucks toward attending writers conferences, and for free writing/coffee shop adventures for myself, so I can write for you all. 🙂

One way you could show your support is by purchasing any oils or products through Young Living, by buying them directly through me. I don’t know nearly enough yet, but have quietly been using them on my family (and when I say quietly, have been enjoying more restful sleep because of the oils I put on my husband’s big toes to help ease his snoring… it helps, I swear!), and if you’ve heard about this stuff, then you have maybe wondered if any of it helps? I know you know I am a hippy, but I am also a skeptic. 🙂 My mind is slowly being eased about these products, each time I find some relief, or some peace. We can talk privately if it’s weird I’m even bringing it up here. BUT, I have a dream of a writers conference in November in North Carolina, so, I will at least ask. 🙂 And I LOVE these oils homies. 🙂

Anywhoo, THANKS for your support ALWAYS, I love you all.



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the crooked symphony

IMG_4661each flower is not perfect and yet we do not point out their flaws.

and each tree does not grow straight –


we curl up in their shade not caring their species but just that they give us respite

why therefore do we nominate certain people or places or things,

to become the center of our worlds?

when in fact

we all

they all

each of us

have petals and bark, roots and stems, leaves and shade

for all to appreciate :: enjoy :: care for – just the same?

our forest is lush with variety, our fields ripe with individualism

sustaining wonderful sounds

producing healing scents

magnificent landscapes

for us ALL.

let us enjoy that symphony

that color show

that splendor!

the world would be a blank, boring canvas without each flower and tree

(each/us) just as we were made.

not just some but ALL

no matter your roots, the shade of your leaves, not what makes you come alive, whether your petals stand straight or sway toward the sunlight –

will ever separate you from our shared wild love here on earth

we are each a masterpiece

let us love as one symphony of roots, petals, buds, leaves.

let us

be revered as equals

no exceptions.

much love wild ones,


i don’t have enough



love is lavishing.

i don’t ever have enough for all of you. but collectively Someone does. let’s seek out that Someone.

let’s put each other in the path of healing and nod approval to our fear-busting chops, that we together can fight this pain. this  brokenness. this inertia toward unrest.

collectively, WE can be enough for each other. WE need one commonality. WE need LOVE.

you don’t need to know what i believe in to love me, nor i to love you.

we ALL bleed red when oxygen hits, we ALL have blue veins underneath our skin.

we have the most unique pigments to our skin, that scars when it heals, and sweats when it’s too hot.

WE are the SAME bones, with various patterns and layers upon us.

THAT IS IT. please stop telling me that i cannot take care of you because of my differences.


alive and without abandon.

let us move beyond the sludge of labels, of greed, of proving something to anyone. let us prove we can love our neighbor as ourselves. let us start by dropping our ‘better than’ labels, and start with the lonely, the orphaned, the needy.

in return for your sacrifice you will be infiltrated with joy. you may try to fight it off. you are just doing the ‘right thing’ you say.



you are LIVING. we are MADE to be LIVING TOGETHER, one with each other. that’s why sports games that are nail biters are catalysts for fist bumping. it’s not because we are the actual batter or referee or coach, but we feed off of the energy:

just like church when we raise our hands in worship.

exactly like the sway you start, unknowingly, alongside your favorite crooner, their guts toppling out under pyrotechnics.

mirrored in an art installation that instantly makes you weep, or boil with anger.

public outcry means

we are not de-sensitized like

the Hungry Hippo of They

say we are.

you know why? the THEY is made up of us.

so let’s stop the madness of US verses THEM.


your neighbor. the one who insists that they’re fine, who deals alone with a sick parent, and craves a short respite from the worry.


exhausted, overwhelmed new mom who “should” be happy but can’t seem to stop crying and is afraid she will hurt herself.


frightened young teen who does not know where their next meal will come from from, but thinks hunger will be less painful than remaining in abuse and chooses to run.

our THEY is the collective.

WE have to start taking better care of THEM.

because regardless of our ‘busy’ … man, woman, child …  we need EACH OTHER to survive.

busy is bullshit.


let’s start living like we mean it.

let’s stop pretending that making our pockets deeper or more fashionable will make our hearts bulletproof to LIFE and it’s CITIZENS.

i may sound angry, but I’m not. I AM JUST WAKING UP TO WHAT MATTERS TO ME.

it’s going to be a tough road of learning, but i’d rather be about YOU and THEY than about me.

i can’t function alone, and i’m guessing that a potluck, party of 1, seems kind of stale.

let’s celebrate THRIVING and dig deeper. i know we can heal us TOGETHER.

party’s at my house.



destination unknown, travel with faith


it is not the time.

nor, perhaps the place.

but it is stirring.

right in the middle of this middle child’s heart.

i hear it coming…like the train that we thought was defunct by our house…WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

it is more like a fire, than a train i suppose.  although some days when the engine is so hot that it mustcomeoutthisthoughtthiscreation…..whooooooosh, it does, because i want to live this life with NO REGRETS.

this fire in the engine of the train of my creation is on track with whatever it is that my heart is telling it.

this gift of knowing what i’m supposed to do, and yet, i’m not there yet.

see, this is why:

don’t know what i’m supposed to do.

i know what some of my talents are.

i will not list those here. 

i will hopefully display them, utilize them, embrace them, become them.

but, whenever, and wherever the Lord leads me to use these talents of mine, i want to be ready.

do you know what YOU want to be with your life? 

help me will you, please?

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“…Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” 

from Mary Oliver’s poem titled The Summer Day

be forever lovely



gardener revisited

how do you continue to everyday.

how do you possibly make it another day without the knowledge of any kind of break from hard work.

you don’t know. but you certainly don’t quit.you continue.you make it.

you work harder.

you pray for others.

you keep the faith.

you keep your chin up because that is what God wants you to do.

and, the miracles,

they will happen.

eventually. bit by bit.  seed by seed. pea by pea.

this is my motto.  this is my breath.  this is what keeps me going even when my wings feel broken.  there is a miracle out there with my name on it.  

it is called


i just have to get up every morning and make it the best,

most lovely work i can. 

be for it, pray for it. 

the world, this world will be better by my own hands.  i will keep sowing.

(attempts from my first garden)

modeled perfectly


i will not grace the covers of magazines.

i will not be featured in photos from milan

with wisps of lavender silk about.

i will not date known celebrity commitmentphobes.


i am modeled perfectly.

i have one heart.

i have one brain.

i have two able hands to help those i can.

and that to me, is beyond super.

**please leave a comment of something i can help you with.**


♥♥ “the only lasting beauty, is the beauty of the heart.” ~ rumi ♥♥