confidence can:: vitaminia confidencia

do you know what you need sometimes? a boost. of vitamin c? of vitamin d? of vitamina confidencia. i tell you, it will change you.  i don’t like my pictures taken. i don’t think i’m the only one out there with this issue. i never have, and i’m trying to change, so that one day,Continue reading “confidence can:: vitaminia confidencia”

modeled perfectly

  i will not grace the covers of magazines. i will not be featured in photos from milan with wisps of lavender silk about. i will not date known celebrity commitmentphobes. but… i am modeled perfectly. i have one heart. i have one brain. i have two able hands to help those i can. and thatContinue reading “modeled perfectly”


we struggle. we hrmmppphhh into our hands. we cackle. we triumph. we struggle again. then, when we cannot take another moment of! we look up, and realize that there are endless possibilites, and maybe just this once, we forgive ourselves for not being perfect, and knowing that we are boundless in our attempt toContinue reading “endless”