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That right there is a good looking cup of coffee, right? Thanks sis for the jealousy I feel toward your coffee delight. ūüôā

I’d love to further this page, these words within me, and this movement of equal love for all that I feel so strongly about. I don’t have any sponsors on my blog, or have ever made a penny from my words (in fact it costs me money to keep my site up), but I’d love to earn a few bucks toward attending writers conferences, and for free writing/coffee shop adventures for myself, so I can write for you all. ūüôā

One way you could show your support is by purchasing any oils or products through Young Living, by buying them directly through me. I don’t know nearly enough yet, but have quietly been using them on my family (and when I say quietly, have been enjoying more restful sleep because of the oils I put on my husband’s big toes to help ease his snoring… it helps, I swear!), and if you’ve heard about this stuff, then you have maybe wondered if any of it helps? I know you know I am a hippy, but I am also a skeptic. ūüôā My mind is slowly being eased about these products, each time I find some relief, or some peace. We can talk privately if it’s weird I’m even bringing it up here. BUT, I have a dream of a writers conference in November in North Carolina, so, I will at least ask. ūüôā And I LOVE these oils homies. ūüôā

Anywhoo, THANKS for your support ALWAYS, I love you all.



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doing without the stank

what happens when you forget to empty the trash?

the fridge?

the leftovers bag gets leftover in your car?

the stank.  the stank is what happens.


what happens when you leave¬†your dreams un-fulfilled, or at least unruffled in your heart?¬† do you hear them?¬† do they¬†decompose inside you?¬†¬†are they clogging up your brain space because the slow deteoriation of your dreams¬†is getting filled with¬†other more “responsible-keeping-up-with-the-next-doors”¬†¬†brainwash nonsense?

we are told:  you should be responsible and go to bed at 9. eight hours of sleep.  eight glasses of water. 

*if only there were eight days a week.

you are told:  you should eat green vegetables and only organic. 

*yes, &  i would if i could afford them all the time.

i am told(albeit by myself):  you should attend church Рfind your religion, and religiously revel in it, and be wise with it. 

*trying, trying, & always trying.

what is lost is this, in being so responsible, in seeking what we are told, in following the band director, instead of your own toe-tapping melody  ::: 

your dreams.  without being told.  to you or to anyone for that matter.

if you had or have a dream that you have left to rot inside,

                            how is that going to smell?

better yet, how is it going to feel? 

without our dreams, we are like the mushy celery and bananas taking up space in our crisper drawers.¬† and believe me, i have plenty to clean out…just ask alex reese.¬†

i only have one life… and in it, i will make be forever lovely successful, and i will one day own blue bears farm with rl, & we will make a difference in kids lives, including my little alex. (these are my two biggest dreams).¬† *probably with a little water, a lot of broccoli (some organic) and mucho faith. like LOTS of faith.¬† but, as long as i am trying, ¬†at least i won’t be attracting fruit flies.

destination unknown, travel with faith


it is not the time.

nor, perhaps the place.

but it is stirring.

right in the middle of this middle child’s heart.

i hear it coming…like the train that we thought was defunct by our house…WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

it is more like a fire, than a train i suppose.¬† although some days when the engine is so hot that it mustcomeoutthisthoughtthiscreation…..whooooooosh, it does, because i want to live this life with NO REGRETS.

this fire in the engine of the train of my creation is on track with whatever it is that my heart is telling it.

this gift of knowing what i’m¬†supposed to do, and yet, i’m not there yet.

see, this is why:

i¬†don’t know what i’m supposed to do.

i know what some of my talents are.

i will not list those here. 

i will hopefully display them, utilize them, embrace them, become them.

but, whenever, and wherever the Lord leads me to use these talents of mine, i want to be ready.

do you know what YOU want to be with your life? 

help me will you, please?

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“…Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”¬†

from Mary Oliver’s poem titled The Summer Day

be forever lovely