quietly helping

  That right there is a good looking cup of coffee, right? Thanks sis for the jealousy I feel toward your coffee delight. ūüôā I’d love to further this page, these words within me, and this movement of equal love for all that I feel so strongly about. I don’t have any sponsors on myContinue reading “quietly helping”

doing without the stank

what happens when you forget to empty the trash? the fridge? the leftovers bag gets leftover in your car? the stank.¬† the stank is what happens. but… what happens when you leave¬†your dreams un-fulfilled, or at least unruffled in your heart?¬† do you hear them?¬† do they¬†decompose inside you?¬†¬†are they clogging up your brain spaceContinue reading “doing without the stank”

destination unknown, travel with faith

path::source it is not the time. nor, perhaps¬†the place. but it is stirring. right in the middle of this middle child’s heart. i hear it coming…like the train that we thought was defunct by our house…WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. it is more like a fire, than a train i suppose.¬† although some days when the engine is soContinue reading “destination unknown, travel with faith”