catalystic flight


hope may be feathers found

wind felt

sing songs enjoyed.

it could be juicy nectar delights

dribbling, drabbling right round.

soft cracks in the shell of spring

sure to delight.

for the bats darling…

clear galaxies of catalystic flight.

lessons breaking free from passage

to raw growth

(much anticipated)

or cobbled bits after grief has wrought you


we return, different. not whole; not better

necessarily, but stronger. we can still rise,


a mosaic of colors, light allowed in to

warm our weariness.

yes hope is helpful, necessitating


but do note : : :

hope can only get us so far,

for hearts beckon back to courage.

our showing up for living requires fuel

lo, most importantly faith –

i hope only because my heart is with my


no wrestling of my mind is ever in vain

because of this.

hope is helpful, but faith is forever.

it’s a warm, and it’s a healing Hallelujah!

osmosis: prelude to the thrum

img_5692i have found God in the thrum, thrum, thrum of a bass guitar,

on the hill of the dry side of a beach,

with a band from across

the pond,

singing through their doubts of faith.

it made me weep.

He: Creator, God of ALL, Light of Every Being –  evaporated goodness

from their efforts,

& osmosed into my song.

that band’s questions became my own.

our answers all sounded different because

our ears have travelled, produced, edited, rehearsed –  their own melodic lives.

but! we understood each other.

and that was enough to convince me.

i am made of notes, lyrics, masterpieces of guessing – trying the sharps, rolling into the

flats, strung up on the grind that becomes the elevator pitchi-ness

ink blotting off the page.

each curiosity

solved through emotional performances of love.

i’d think that at some point, someone would want to hear this riff, this banger – my jam!

but even if i’ve wondered forever, i’ve practiced, preluded;

snuck my Beethoven-ed way

to convince more than my tiny audience of:

fame – can you imagine?!? not the goal of the music, nor even the rehearsal,

it’s a concert that i want, perhaps just a ticket – – – – –

if i can’t hear the music though, how are the notes to know where they go?

beckon to the ivory arch


what will heaven look like?

what will be revealed?

what songs will envelope

our tear free hugs of zeal?

when the sun of life is setting,

sprinkling grace along each day,

when will we remember,

that heaven is the only way?

when the bluebird song is whispered,

when the angels lead our march,

when the laughter of our loved ones

beckon to the ivory arch.

i want to relish in the joy

of each and every breath received

when our God shows us His love

i can learn to trust and Be.

i know the way to get there,

i hope we meet someday above,

i believe in Heaven’s promise

i believe in His great love.



what i’m packing, (extra too, j.i.c.)

in case you need to be filled in, please see this to know where i’m going for the next four days.

okay, you back? good.

i’m packing these,

i’ve wanted another pair for years! yipeeeeee!

which were cheaper than normal because they are kids’ size – BONUS! 🙂

i’m packing my big girl pants, (& no, that was not a rip on myself, i’m SUPER nervous, so bgp’s are necessary)

i’m packing my altoids (you know, just in case i need to speak to people closely, close talkers run in our family)

i’m packing the faith that the good Lord will have my anxiety & stress at bay to meet fabulous women, & learn TONS about this here blogging passion of mine.

(and, i know i don’t need to really pack my faith, it is ALWAYS in my heart)  🙂

i’m perhaps packing extra socks & such (just like my madre taught me…you just never know)

i’m packing music (in particular, my new Mumford & Sons CD – that’s right, i’m OLDDDDD school).

i’ll have accessories, of course, which i always wear “too many” of – whatever that means.

perhaps some pens, paper & a definitely, a super grateful heart.

this opportunity could have come without rl & my parent’s help.  i know WHO they got the help from (it’s who we get everything from), but it was them who insisted i go.

well, rl insisted.  he is a blessing like no other.

SO…am i ready?  you betcha.  am i scared?  you BETCHA.  am i worthy?  i think so.  am i incredibly lucky to have this type of opportunity to spread the love, hear the stories, & share the hugs of women from all across the globe that love blogging, love people, and most importantly love God?


see you on the other side!  YAHOOOSKIIIIISSSSS!



destination unknown, travel with faith


it is not the time.

nor, perhaps the place.

but it is stirring.

right in the middle of this middle child’s heart.

i hear it coming…like the train that we thought was defunct by our house…WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

it is more like a fire, than a train i suppose.  although some days when the engine is so hot that it mustcomeoutthisthoughtthiscreation…..whooooooosh, it does, because i want to live this life with NO REGRETS.

this fire in the engine of the train of my creation is on track with whatever it is that my heart is telling it.

this gift of knowing what i’m supposed to do, and yet, i’m not there yet.

see, this is why:

don’t know what i’m supposed to do.

i know what some of my talents are.

i will not list those here. 

i will hopefully display them, utilize them, embrace them, become them.

but, whenever, and wherever the Lord leads me to use these talents of mine, i want to be ready.

do you know what YOU want to be with your life? 

help me will you, please?

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“…Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” 

from Mary Oliver’s poem titled The Summer Day

be forever lovely





who do you get your wings from (besides RedBull)? is it your mom? your dog? your God? who is it that sends you the message that when you jump, you will not fall. That everything will be okay and that this will pass, and there will be peace again? there is death. there is grief. there is a loss, or struggle, or slip up. there will always be someone who has, or needs more than you or i.

we must understand that we get one chance to make this life, this upsidedownsideup daily and sometimes (seemingly) century long, adventure worth it. what makes it worth it to you? kids? spouse? gardening? family? friends? sports? job?

for me, it is my faith.
my belief in something greater.
i believe in God.

one instance when i knew He existed was in the moments before i had to read a poem i had written at a friend’s funeral in front of hundreds of peers and adults. i felt as though i would pass out or start bawling and be unable to recite it. i prayed. i asked for help to be able to read it. i walked up to the pulpit, i took a deep breath. i felt a surreal calm just as i started reading. i was not in my body. another spirit had taken over me as i read, making it impossible for me to have collapsed or cried. i finished the reading, walked to the pew, and started immediately shaking. my faith was solidified.  there are times that it has waved, but it is always there, it remains. always.

you may believe in something else.
this is not a post on Christianity or Judaism, or Muslim faith.
it is on the general, powerful, existing, ever-present FAITH that exists in human nature. in this life.
chances are whatever troubles you, faith will help:
it is just money, and you can’t take it with you.
it is just drama that will dissipate with time and understanding.
it is love that is underneath all the pain.
remember, you are loved always by those you cannot touch nor see.
they love you from afar; they faithfully love you always.

either way, love yourself through it all.
have FAITH in your ability and strength to get through whatever it is.
but i do have some advice:

find your FAITH.
i would love for all to believe as i do.
but –
we are all different, and therefore need to choose for ourselves.
what is it, that helps YOU realize that the tiny bird first leaps with FAITH out off the branch, not by chance, not reason, but by divine design?

find that reason – search for that answer.  for, if we don’t have a glorious flight in mind, why shall we even begin?

be forever lovely my friends,



and now a quote from a poet about faith:

♥♥ Faith ♥♥
“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have
and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown,
you must believe that one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid for you to stand upon,
or, you will be taught how to fly.”
© Patrick Overton
The Leaning Tree, 1975