there is a diligence needed in hard work.

it may pay off in the likes of fragrance,

in abundance,

in wealth of magnatudes that my simple-seeking mind cannot fathom

. . . but every once in a while, hard work becomes something to just sit and admire . . . especially if it involves the sun.

thank you, God for the creation of these sunflowers. xo, barb

gardener revisited

how do you continue to everyday.

how do you possibly make it another day without the knowledge of any kind of break from hard work.

you don’t know. but you certainly don’t make it.

you work harder.

you pray for others.

you keep the faith.

you keep your chin up because that is what God wants you to do.

and, the miracles,

they will happen.

eventually. bit by bit.  seed by seed. pea by pea.

this is my motto.  this is my breath.  this is what keeps me going even when my wings feel broken.  there is a miracle out there with my name on it.  

it is called


i just have to get up every morning and make it the best,

most lovely work i can. 

be for it, pray for it. 

the world, this world will be better by my own hands.  i will keep sowing.

(attempts from my first garden)