what YOU want

the hardest part for me about this here blog is writing for YOU my audience. i don’t know who you REALLY are. i know i have family members, and friends, and even a few strangers. so, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. for reading, especially for commenting. for traveling to this little siteContinue reading “what YOU want”

words of the mother – give away – WINNER

    ** this giveaway is now closed.  the winner is amanda! since i will be seeing you in a few days friend, i’ll bring it with me.  i was not sure how to get the little random.org generator on here, but amanda was number 1 literally, and as the winner!  🙂  hopefully some newContinue reading “words of the mother – give away – WINNER”

it’s always better with candy

i ♥ the handmade/blogging community.  the group of people putting creativity to work.  the belief in themselves that they can accomplish a goal, a dream, a handmade something. a lovely, industrious place on this scary, complicated interwebs thing. sometimes i even comment on their lovely, inspiring blogs. &,  i LOVE giveaways.  LOVE THEM.  although, frankly,Continue reading “it’s always better with candy”